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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine weekend!

Even though we were still both coughing, John and I had a lovely Valentine's dinner out last night. He wouldn't tell me where we were going, so I got dressed up and got in the car (and found a pound of See's chocolate sitting on the seat). After we'd driven a while, I knew we were going to one of our favorite places, near where John used to live, called the California Canteen.

We all have our quirks, and one of John's is that he hates valet parking. If it's reasonably possible to park elsewhere, that's what we do. The Canteen has neighborhood parking in the streets behind it, but sometimes a space is hard to find. Last night, we drove up the canyon road and I was dismayed to see the curb lined with cars. There was one space -- but it was a tiny one, between a Cadillac and an SUV. And I can't parallel park worth a damn. Soooo... John got out of the car and directed me, back and forth, back and forth, as I inched myself into that freaking space. I was a nervous wreck, but John was having a grand old time. Because this was his view:

Hummmmpppph. Anyway, I finally got in there and we went to have a wonderful meal (vegetable risotto for me, goat cheese salad for him). John had to finish my rice. We exchanged cards; he'd written me a lovely little poem, as he does every year. ♥ And then it was off to Aroma Café, home of the world's best cakes (and our favorite, German chocolate).

John was his usual mischievous self. We had parked a couple of blocks away, and the walk down the dark streets toward the boulevard was especially fun with John reaching up my skirt as we walked. :-D  And once we got in the café and were waiting in line for the counter, John kept asking, "Where's the cake? Where's the cake?" "It's right there," I said, pointing to the bottom shelf in the large case. "I can't see it, can you get up closer to it?" Of course... he wanted me to lean over in my tight dress. OK, fine. I glanced around to make sure the people behind us were looking elsewhere, and I bent way over, poking my finger against the glass. "See it now?" I teased. "Sweetie!" he exclaimed, stepping up behind me. "I can't take you anywhere!"

Uh huh. I'M the troublemaker. 

I don't know if you can tell from the photo just how ginormous that slice was, but we completely devoured it.

Smooching my Valentine:

Not the best picture. I look like my face is squished up against a fishbowl! But I like it anyway. :-)

And of course, my See's!

My cell phone camera is weird. If I'm using the regular view (looking outward), I can make different adjustments before taking the picture (flash, etc.). But if I switch modes and I'm taking a picture of myself, then I can't adjust anything, and the picture quality is fair at best. But I didn't have my regular camera with me. Oh well.

This was our 16th Valentine's Day together and it was romantic and sweet as ever. I am a lucky woman.

No Mr. D tomorrow, but he will be here on Tuesday. And in a couple of weeks, I'm going to have all the spanking I can handle and then some. Stay tuned!


  1. You are a terrific couple! I am glad that you had a romantic day together.


  2. I am cheap, so I avoid valet parking. And with a view like that, I would not care how long it took to park.
    Nice suit, heels too?

  3. What a lovely evening. That cake looked scrumptious!

    We don't have valet parking here here I live. I have only encountered it once, in Florida. We usually go to restaurants with parking lots attached, and avoid the downtown area where you have to depend on street parking.


  4. Erica, I'm glad that you enjoyed your Sweet Sixteenth Valentine's Day together with your boyfriend. You seem to be in a much happy frame of mind these days. Hopefully it will stay that way. Just throw thos BLUE's away. Here's to you, having a 'spanking good time' soon. XXX Luv ya.

  5. You are so pretty and wow nice lap and legs!!

    Wonderful evening and look forward to all your spanking fun.

    And yes the Valentines Day spanking I gave was just lovely! Thanks.


  6. valentine's day is the best of all the holidays., imagine a holiday just to celebrate love and happiness. I loved the pictures. thank you erica.

  7. Craig -- thanks! :-)

    joey -- ♥

    OBB -- black pumps, you know it!

    Hermione -- you wouldn't believe the cakes in this place. Snickers cake, Reese's peanut-butter cup cake, chocolate banana cream cake, Heath bar cake... I want a plate with one bite of all of them.

    Six -- it had been a lousy month. Feeling better now. :-)

    Ron -- thanks! I hadn't dressed up in a while; it felt good.

    tommy -- some people say love should be celebrated every day, which is a nice sentiment, but life gets in the way. So I enjoy the designated day!

  8. I guess you're not entirely accurate here, Erica.
    John MAY approve of valet, depending on the qualities of the bell girl and the degree of control he is able to maintain.

  9. MrJ -- no. He doesn't. He doesn't want to pay/tip someone to park his car. Period. Me, I'll avoid it if it's convenient, but if not, I'm handing my keys over.

  10. Are you going to write anything about Ed Lee? As I recall, you didn't have a favorable opinion of him and the way he did business.

  11. Anonymous -- no. My opinion is best left unwritten.

  12. "Snickers cake, Reese's peanut-butter cup cake, chocolate banana cream cake," To this I say, GIMMEEEE!!!!! :)

  13. Kelly -- me too! Oh, and they have spectacular brownies and cookies, too.

  14. Erica, I share John's hatred of valet parking... just yesterday I was in the city where it is assumed you will have to valet park. I took it as a challenge and hiked three blocks in heels just to avoid it...keeping my change and getting some fresh air! Your date sounds like it was absolutely perfect! I'm so happy you got to have your cake and eat it, too... looks delicious! Happy belated V-Day and I'm sure you'll get to prolong the celebration with Mr.D tomorrow :)


  15. Hi Erica -- I am so happy that you and John had a great night out :-)I Love your pic's they are so CUTE.All those cake's sound YUMMY :-)The pic of you kissing John is absolutely ADORABLE :-)I can't wait to read about you and Mr.D,I am glad he is coming over tomorrow to have a session with you.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  16. SC -- actually, I won't. He can't make it. (sigh)

    Jade -- sorry... that will have to wait until next week.

  17. I'm glad you had a nice weekend together! I LOVE See's! Haven't had anything from there in a while. And besides the chocolates I love their peanut brittle too. Mmm.

    I know exactly what you mean about the self portrait angle from the camera phone. Mine is the same way. No flash or zoom options from that position.

  18. Lea -- why do they do that? Seems they'd have the options in both modes. I hadn't had See's for a while either. I ate three pieces today. (Probably not a big surprise.)

  19. Yep, great view. And will check back for this news of more spanking than ~you~ can handle, cuz that's gotta be a lot.


    Must mean there's a shoot or a party coming up. Just a guess.

  20. Redchief -- small party getaway, yes!