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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm back

Did you miss me?

Sometimes, I run out of things to say. (yes, really) The past few weeks have been uninspiring, to say the least. Stomach virus. Toothaches. Lack of work. Last weekend, John had a raging cold, poor thing, but I went over there anyway, because I missed him and I didn't want to sit home all weekend. And now I feel that sort of pre-cold nonsense; pressure in my sinuses, scratchy throat. Plus, I woke up today with a stomachache again, just like I had two weeks ago. Trying very hard to resist the 21st-century version of playing doctor and looking up symptoms on the Internet. No good can come of that.

I have not seen Mr. D in three weeks. He's been through the wringer; first that godawful pink-eye in both eyes, and then his mother's hospitalization. She is now in hospice, and it's just a matter of days. :-(  But get this: Even with all he's going through, he still called me yesterday and asked if he could bring me some soup or something. How sweet is that? I said no, of course. I'm not going to chance getting him sick, and I don't want to add "care-taking Erica" to his list of responsibilities. I told him we've waited this long; let's wait until we can get together, both healthy and unburdened, and fully enjoy some great play. I don't know when that will be, though. I miss him. And the poor guy's birthday is this Friday. Some birthday this is going to be, with his family situation.

John and I, after some discussion, came to the unfortunate decision that we can't do Boardwalk Badness in Atlantic City this year. It's just too expensive; we ran the numbers on the party tickets, the hotel room, flight, baggage fees, shuttle... too much. If we lived closer and could drive, like we do to Shadow Lane, that would make a huge difference. You know, it's not that John can't afford this trip. He can... but the fact that it's John paying for it, not us paying for it, makes me feel guilty. My finances, in a word, suck. John makes good money and he is generous with it, with me. But I know, in my heart of hearts, that the spanking parties are my thing, not his, and it doesn't feel right to me to ask him to spend that much for what is mostly my indulgence. If I could contribute to it, it would be different. But I have an expensive root canal in my future.

April will be sad, hearing about BBW and missing my friends. But I am resigned to it.

Usually, my Mondays are wonderful writing days. Yesterday, I went to the gym and struggled through everything, feeling winded and off (guess it's that pre-cold thing). I wasted time running an errand to a place that should have been open but was inexplicably closed. Came home, flipped the kitchen switch and the overhead light went out. Got up on a stepstool, managed to unscrew the heavy glass globe and change the bulbs. But when I tried to wrestle the globe back into place, I fumbled and dropped it. Shattered glass everywhere. After that, I kissed the day good-bye and crawled into bed to watch Turner Classic Movies.

What's a spanking blogger to do, when there's no spanking to blog about? The past couple of weeks, I endeavored to come up with some interesting and interactive topics, ones that would encourage comments. But my views still dwindled, then plunged. I then figured, well, perhaps I'm trying too hard. Maybe I should just shut up for a little while, until I have something to say. Until I have something fun and fresh to tell.

There ARE good times ahead. John and I will feel better and have a wonderful Valentine's Day celebration. We have an opportunity to get together with some friends at the end of the month, and that will help offset the disappointment over BBW. I'll get some more work. Mr. D and I will reunite, I will take his birthday spanking and then some, and we'll make up for lost time.

I'm still in the game, kids. Just down for the count for a little while.


  1. I missed you! I look for your posts each night because they cheer me up. Yes, they do-- hush. :)

  2. Liz -- thanks. :-) Well, I'm glad I cheer someone up!

  3. You bet I missed you! Not only that, but I was worried about you because you are so consistent about when you write for your blog. I'm relieved to hear that all is (relatively speaking) well.

    So sorry that you will not be able to attend Boardwalk Badness, but I completely understand your sense of pride in not relying on John to fix it for you. It wouldn't do to attend on his dollar only to feel guilty the whole time!


  4. Hi Erica -- I missed you,You alway's cheer me up :-) I look forward to reading your blog. So sorry you can't go to BBW :-( I think everything will all work out like you said :-)Then you can put all this unfortunate stuff behind you and have a GREAT time with John and Mr.D :-)I feel bad for Mr.D too, i agree that his birthday is going to SUCK with all that's going on with his family situation.When it rain's it pour's poor guy,happy to hear that the pink eye went away :-)Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  5. I was also getting pretty worried about you as the days passed with no new blog. Even though you are in that pre-cold state, I'm relieved it's nothing else. Rest up, take care, and know you are missed when you fall into the silent mode.


  6. Dana -- exactly. Knowing it's all on his dime (ha!), I'd feel obligated to have the best of times, and I'd stress myself right into a meltdown. I know how I operate!

    Jade -- thanks. Yes, it does pour. And I love rain, but not like this! :-)

    Pam -- I appreciate the caring. The cold isn't bothering me, but this stomach pain is. I'm seeing a doctor in the morning. Ugh.

  7. Erica,

    I hope you get well quickly and that Mr. D is back in action soon.

    Time and money are always a factor with spanking weekends or parties. I am sure that you will be missed at BBW.

    Feel better, you, John and Mr. D, I miss your spanking stories.


  8. With all the people you know, wondering why you don't organize a small, invitation only, spanking party in your backyard.

  9. Erica
    Wow of course we missed you and your wit and charm.

    Go slow and my best wishes to all for some closure to life issues. Sad!

    Thinking ahead is good, look for the good times and company that is coming for you. Sorry about AC, even though I live here I do not go either but probably a good and wise decision.

    Life is truly a bitch but it is how we handle these down times that makes us special and you are special.

    I smiled when I saw the new post.

    Hang in there and smile, life is good.


  10. I can absolutely relate to your problem with keeping up a spanking blog with no spanking to talk about. Ludwig and I haven't played very much at all in the recent months and so I had to write about other things as well.

    But, I don't think that your views dwindled because your posts aren't interesting. I guess the number of views very much depends on whether you are featured at Chross's Spankings of the Week or not (and that mostly depends on whether you have kinky pictures to offer or not). At least that is true for our blog. What I have discovered, though, is that most of the people who pop over from Chross obviously just want to take a look at the pictures or maybe read the post that goes along with them as well. But we don't get any comments from them.

    So, don't worry about your stats, I am sure your regular readers and commenters are still here. And I keep my fingers crossed for some really good times ahead!

  11. Hi Erica,
    Good to hear from you again. Hope you get well soon and I'm sure things will pick up.

  12. I missed you, too, though I wasn't worried. I knew why you hadn't posted. I hope you are feeling better. I agree with Kaelah to not worry about numbers. All of us regulars are here and you do have some very good friends who care about you. Before you know it, you and Mr. D will make up for lost time. Be careful what you wish for. Muhahahaha!

  13. Actually yes, and just starting to worry.
    Hope order gets properly restored really soon.

  14. I would rather have a broken bone that endure the pain of nausea. I know what you mean about that pre cold crap. I had a "dry" throat for 3 days-woke up today with a slightly sore throat and after an hr and 15 min. workout I immediately felt like I was run over by a train.

    Here's to spring and more fun to come!

  15. joey -- I miss them too! Soon, I hope.

    OBB -- I'm not a party-giver. I have no place for them, and I don't have the hosting flair. My mother had it, but I have no patience for it.

    Ron -- I'm a little tired of the bitch; I'm ready for some fun times, I think. :-)

    Kaelah -- you voiced my thoughts. Sometimes, I think it's all about the pictures. For many, I could write a blog along the lines of "It's Wednesday. It's cloudy. I just had toast," but as long as I stick in a couple of spanking shots (and maybe one of those rare boobie shots), it would get views. (sigh)

    David -- thanks. :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- oh, I'm wishing all right. And I don't think I'll regret any of it. ;-)

    MrJ -- me too.

    Kelly -- I don't know what the hell the deal is with me. I may try the gym this afternoon; we'll see.

    1. Well my dear friend, then being a tired "bitch" I think I read, then you need a long sound panty warming!

      Hang in please, we have tons of snow coming this weekend and well, life is what we make of it but did miss your amazing posts!


      Thanks and always

  16. I assume you are unfortunately right, Erica, picture blogs have much more views than textual blogs!

    I guess it is all about what is important to us as bloggers, though. Of course I look at the stats, too, and I am happy when hundreds of viewers pop over from Chross's site. Still, I care more about readers who are actually interested in me as a person and in my writing. And of course those who are even willing to share a bit about themselves as well.

    If it were all about stats, I would have to get myself a Tumblr blog with thousands of pictures only. But Ludwig and I want a blog with interesting discussions that doesn't only cater to the mainstream and thus we are happy with a smaller but really interested (and rather open-minded, I am sure, the fact that our blog covers, for instance, all gender constellations scares away quite a few people) readership. Of course I use pictures to attract readers from time to time, but they usually go along with something I want to write about.

  17. Kaelah -- you're right, of course. I have always wanted this blog to be a good mix of substance plus the visuals. Anyone can post (and repost) just pictures, I suppose. I get insecure about stats, but I know that's the attention hog in me. :-)

    1. @ Erica:
      I can absolutely relate to what you describe, I also check our stats way too often! :-) I think you are right, though, aiming for a good balance between more complex content and more light-hearted content / a bit of eye-candy is a good solution!

  18. My friend just got a tooth pulled and she's in pain. She's not really into spanking, but it occurred to me that spanking might override the pain of oral surgery. Have you ever experimented with this before?

  19. FW -- not really. When I'm in that bad a pain somewhere else, I feel really lousy and not up for additional pain at all. If your friend isn't into spanking that much, I doubt her endorphins would soar to the point where the tooth pain is overridden. Nice idea, though. :-)

  20. I hope you and Mr. D get feeling better! We all have lulls in the action sometimes. Sorry to hear about BBW. I kind of get how you feel of hearing all the fun of the parties we can't all attend. And hey I thought you hated that fucking grumpy cat. What's it doing up there? ;-)

  21. Lea -- I think I must have a love-hate thing going on with that fucking cat. I relate to him, and I don't want to! LOL

    Yeah, the BBW talk is starting on FetLife. I just have to get through it.