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Friday, February 22, 2013

In today's "ewwwww" file...

How many times have we seen a spanking video or clip where a flaky tenant doesn't make rent, and the landlord handles the situation with a spanking? Apparently in Bumfu--er, Waynesville, Ohio, this happened for real.

Check it out:

(Sorry -- for whatever reason, I can't get this to post as a link. Copy and paste it into your browser.)

In short, a 29-year-old male tenant was behind in his rent $2800, so the 58-year-old landlord told him, "If you're going to act like a child, I'm going to treat you like one." And then subjected him to four swats with his belt. (It doesn't say so in this article, but I read elsewhere that it was bare bottom.) The tenant complied because he said he was scared and "just wanted to get it over with." Now he's taking the landlord to court.

OK, I'm having two separate reactions here. As a spanko, I admit I couldn't help thinking, "Jeez -- four measly belt strikes in exchange for a $2800 debt? Bring it! Where do I sign on?" That's nearly three months' rent for me.

However, what's hot in fantasy isn't necessarily so in reality. Aside from the bit of spanko titillation, my reaction is "Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww, gross!"

And no, before any accusations of such come my way, it's not because it's M/M. I'd be equally skeeved had the tenant been a woman. 

Granted, in the videos, this type of scenario is hot as hell. But in reality? Blech. If a tenant is irresponsible, a landlord should handle it legally. Warnings, written notice to pay or quit, eviction. You don't degrade a grown man or woman because they owe you money. And really, is this landlord so wealthy that he can afford to let $2800 go in exchange for a few swats at a young man's bare butt? What a perv!

I wonder how much more skeeved I am by this because I'm a spanko. I suppose the average vanilla might find this story mildly shocking, but somewhat amusing. Me? I'm outraged that what I love is being used so improperly.

What do you guys think? I'm interested in hearing.

Have a good weekend, y'all.


  1. As in any reported news story, I think there is much more to this story.

  2. Ten -- yeah, probably. Still, my initial reaction to the situation is one of skeevitude.

  3. Totally agree with you. Stories like this come out every so often. A cop spanks a pulled over speeder... a college professor spanks a student... a boss spanks one of their employees... all things that make really cool spanking fantasies and/or fun roleplays for lots of spankos . But put them in a real life context where one of the participants isn't a spanko and it becomes extremely problematic and not at all appealing (to us at least).

    Spanking works best when it has a 'this is for your own good' feel to it... or at least... this is because you 'like it'. Put in a context of "I'd rather endure this than have to pay my $2800 rent or get a speeding ticket or take an F in this class"... and it really quickly takes on a slimy feel. This spanking is because I'm a total freaking perv that has got you over a barrel... yuck!

    If a spanko doesn't feel that way about such stories, it might be because they can't grasp spanking as any sort of issue. Just replace spanking in the offer with some other kink or sexual act though and see how you feel.

    Stories like this put spanking in a bad light too. So no, not a fan of them at all.

    ~Todd and Suzy

  4. Hi Erica -- I heard about this on the news at noon.I laughed cause i didn't think this kind of stuff make's the news.My Dad was watching the news too and heard it,I think that's why i giggled a nervous laugh even though he is cool about me being a spanko :-) I agree that,In our spanko world this kind of stuff is hot as hell.I am also outraged too because i Love spanking as much as you do,They shouldn't be using it improperly :-( I agree with you about the story ewwwwww gross.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  5. I was thinking about this when I read the story yesterday.

    I used to read real life stories of abuse and abusers and use them to construct my fantasies which have always centered around non-consent. I'm not sure when that changed (probably when I found a steady supply of my sort of erotic fiction). But now, when I read stories like this I find myself squicked and angry about being squicked. Abusers and abuse stories strip away my kink pleasure and damage my fantasies. Basically now I want all my nonconsent to be consensual.

  6. T&S -- agree about the bad light. It makes us look like a bunch of pervs (not that there's anything wrong with that, but you know how it is...).

    Jade -- I would have been nervous too, if I'd seen that on the news in the presence of one of my relatives!

    Mija -- yup. I believe that's why we have the term "consensual non-consent." I love the pretense of non-consent; I don't even get the whole "good girl spanking" thing, although I know many love it. But when it's truly non-consensual? Then it's just as abusive as any other kind of bodily harm that's perpetrated on an unwilling victim.

  7. I'd have to be more sure of the facts before coming to any conclusion

  8. I'm totally in agreement with you. First I think stories like that are all bull roar, and never really happen. I can see my landloard telling me to bare by bottom for spanking for non payment. Oh really dude, how about I punch you in the nose. And from me a lover of being spanked that says a lot. A story like that would really turn me off. Yuck!!!

  9. I think most people are assuming the tenant didn't want to go along with it, but this story sounds so much like the spanking version of buyer's regret. We often hear about guys who experiment with other guys or girls who willingly try new sexual acts only to feel gross or strange the next day. Unless the landlord in this story is a huge guy who forced the encounter I'm thinking the tenant probably thought, "Hey, free $2,800! Where do I sign up?" and only later went, "Oh gosh, I've been violated." I've heard guys do that before where they offered sexual favours to people for material reward and, later, decided they had been violated. Long post short, I don't think we should judge without both sides of the story.

  10. Interesting post and thoughts as well as some nice comments. For me, I agree with you. The scene is just so unrealistic unless the landlord is a friend, the spanking, well ugh! I agree you owe me that much money and if I am forgiving the debt....your bottom is in for a long sound spanking.

    I guess Erica, the scene is what you make of it...some folks need to scene to get into spanking, me I go either way. Also I would think is someone is in some sort of finacial stress, well the scene may help them cleanse for a short time ... but the money part does not go away in real life. I again think sometimes we scene to relieve stress over a job, money or other things.

    Nice post, love it.



  11. Yes, I'm also tempted to read it from a spanker's perspective, and then it is the lack of consent as well as - indeed - emotion that comprehend altruism such as compassion and love. That makes it feel as somehow terribly wrong.
    Better now, and novel prospects?

  12. First time poster; Long time reader. Like you my first reaction was go to "ewwwww". I agree that it shows our community in a bad light. That said I suspect that there are three different versions of what really happened: the landlord's version; the tenant's version; and what (and why) really happened. I suspect that we'll never learn the truth.


    1. Malcolm -- OK. :-)

      Renee -- kind of icky, huh?

      archedone -- when I think about being spanked by my 70-something, overweight, good-ol'-boy apt. manager, I think I'd rather be evicted!

      Anonymous -- true enough. The tenant declined an interview, so perhaps we'll never hear the full story.

      MrJ -- a bit better, thanks. Looking forward to next week.

      Mike -- welcome! Yeah, those three sides apply to pretty much everything, huh?

      Ron -- I'm trying to imagine a real-life situation where I would accept a spanking to get out of paying for something. As much as I love being spanked, that particular situation would make me feel dirty, I think.

  13. I wasn't REMOTELY excited by this story. The M/M dynamic has nothing to do with that either. But LOGICALLY, the renter has EVERY obligation to pay the rent by the due date if he signed a lease. I don't buy the "too scared to refuse" excuse. I feel the tenant is a shyster, scammer, etc. But I equally have no positive feeling towards the landlord. Honestly I think his method of "payback" is asinine. Exactly HOW does 4 smacks with a belt recover $2800 in finacial loss? I would expect the tenant's rent payments serve to cover utility costs for the landlord in his own place so he's the one shelling out extra $ with no apparent profit because of this guy.

    I wonder if the judge will laugh the case out of court or berate both of them for mutual foolish actions.

  14. I tend to agree with your thoughts on this. It's one thing for a fantasy and very different in real life. That's what they call assault. Even being a spanko, if a real life situation came up where a boss, landlord, whatever, wanted to spank me in exchange for something, I would not do it. That crosses a line and wouldn't sit well with me.

  15. Hi Erica

    I do believe that there is probably more to this story and three sides to it. I imagine that if offered $2800 debt forgiveness for a small spanking this guy would have to pretty disgusting for me not to at least consider it. It sure beats minimum wage and even when I could pretty much get what I asked for that would still represent 2 or 3 days work. Currently thats 2 weeks wages especially if I accept any more work from WalMart, they even pay consultants less than the going rate.
    Since I am a man no-one has ever offered any kind of indecent proposal even when I was younger and pretty, its just one of those strange thins I have been thinking about lately, where does one draw the line.


  16. I absolutely agree with you about the difference between fantasy and reality. I guess that I also have a stronger reaction to these kinds of news because I am spanko. When I think of being spanked against my will, it doesn't only bring up the term assault but also the term sexual assault!

  17. Has this ot you thinking about a way to get free groceries and a bit of fun at the same time?


  18. Kelly -- the whole thing is ludicrous, and both parties are idiots, I think. I'm not sure why the tenant would agree to such degradation if he weren't getting something or another out of it, but who knows.

    Lea -- yeah, the topic of fantasy vs. reality pervades a lot of stories like these. I wouldn't want to get a spanking from a cop instead of a ticket, either. But in videos, that's pretty hot!

    Emanuele -- sometimes, with some people, I wonder if lines even exist anymore!

    Kaelah -- I agree. It would certainly cast an ugly pall on something I love.

    John -- nahhh. I can get plenty of fun without rooking people out of money. :-)

  19. The interesting thing is that in fantasy these scenarios are great, but in reality they are so far from it. I enjoy writing and reading non-cosensual spanking and erotic stories, yet I do not in any way promote or agree in the slightest to non-consensual acts in real life. Thus is this not a paradox? and that begs the question, is that why the fantasy is so exciting? or how do we explain it.

  20. Enzo -- I have no idea. The very first fantasy story I ever wrote was about a woman who got publicly spanked in a grocery store parking lot. If that were to happen in real life, the cops would be called and the spanker would be arrested, most likely. And if it happened to me, I'd hate it, even though I wrote it! Weird.

  21. Not familiar with that story (Would love to read it. Is it online somewhere?) however change the scenario a bit and would you feel different --
    If it happened to you and you were spanked by someone you were in a relationship with and or attracted to; would it be exciting despite being embarrassing at the least?

  22. It's in a compilation of stories I published about six years ago called "What Happens to Naughty Girls?" Honestly, in front of all those strangers in a public place, I think I'd be far too mortified to be excited, even if it were John or Mr. D doing it.

  23. Fair enough, I understand where you are coming from. Putting myself close enough to the situation that I can -- there are girls I have been with who had I spanked in a parking lot in front of a multitude of strangers yes they would have ben mortified and angry at the moment, but once we were back in private would be referencing it and excited by. Perhaps they had a bit of the exhibitionist gene in them and that's what makes it different.