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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Heading off for a few days

Tomorrow morning, John and I are heading for Las Vegas. A small group of friends will be convening at a Vegas hotel and hanging out/spanking Thursday through Monday. It's not a public event so there hasn't been social media buzz about it -- I think we'll end up with around 50-60 people.

I feel sad about having to miss BBW, but this will help make up for it a bit. I'll still get to see some of my favorite people, and have lots of great play! This party is definitely going to be quality spanko time, and face time too for seeing friends, catching up and getting lots of hugs and snuggles.

John and I need this getaway; I think it will be relaxing and fun, and without the urgency of cram-a-week's-worth-of-activity-and-greet-200+-friends-in-three-days that comes with the big events. 

I'll still be checking in, reading email and comments, etc. (With all the @#$%ing spam that's been getting through on Blogger lately, one has to remain diligent!) But I don't think I'll be posting anything of substance until after we come back.

Oh, and here's the one photo Mr. D took the other evening. It's a happy pic, so I thought I'd end on that note. Have a great rest of your week and weekend, y'all. :-)


  1. I'm sure there will "something substantive" to post once you're back. Enjoy!

  2. Erica, since you are going to Las Vegas with John, Ill make a BET with you. You will have a 'spanking good time'. In fact if you are at the 'roulette wheel', always bet on 'rouge', (red), just like the color of your bare bottom will be, after partying those few days and nights in that fabulous city. I loved that gambling town. I also played in my international travelling days, In Monte Carlo, and Macau. Bottom's Up. XXX I luv ya.

  3. Have a wonderful weekend in Vegas with John.


  4. MrJ -- no doubt!

    Six -- it's kind of ironic that John and I spend so much time in Vegas, considering how we both hate it! Truly! But it's where our friends go, so we go.

    joey -- thanks. :-)

  5. Hi Erica -- Wishing you and John a GREAT time :-)I Love your pic it's so CUTE :-)Can't wait to read about your spanking adventure in Vegas.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  6. Enjoy your getaway!


  7. Erica, I'm so sorry that you've had such a rough time lately. I hope this trip to Vegas will help you get back to your usual spanking good self. You need this getaway, as does John, so I'm happy for you that you will get to reconnect with old friends!

  8. Ronnie & Hermione -- will do, thanks!

    Dana -- I think this will do us both good. The timing is perfect -- both over our colds! :-)

  9. I wish you a wonderful weekend, Erica! Unfortunately, Ludwig and I live too far away to regularly visit spanking events in the US or the UK and meet our fellow bloggers.

    You are right about the spam problem – I have even enabled the moderation function on our blog to keep it under control. :-(

    The picture is gorgeous! :-)

    1. Kaelah -- I enabled moderation for the older posts; can't bring myself to do it for the new ones (yet). Wish you two weren't so far away!

  10. You might ready be in Vegas but I will see you in a few hours! This weekend is going to be splendiferous fun!

  11. Hope u have a wonderful time, my friend

  12. Beth -- YESSSSS!

    Mick -- thanks, sweetie. :-)

  13. It sounds like it'll be a mini Shadow Lane! Jealous! Hope you and John have a wonderful time.

  14. Lea -- that's exactly what it's like! :-)

  15. Love the photo and that smile!!!

    Enjoy and relax and have fun.


  16. Ron -- thanks. Having a blast!