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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Who's in charge here?

(Note: I held off posting this until today. It seemed kind of frivolous and disrespectful to do so last night, given the events at yesterday's Boston marathon. My thoughts are with everyone there.)

I've mentioned before that Mr. D likes to shoot mini-videos during our sessions, but that they never played properly on my old computer. But of course, with my screaming fast new system, they load in no time and play beautifully. So I thought, cool, I'll start sharing them here! Right?

Wrong. Stupid @#$%ing Blogger has decided to be uncooperative. Every time I try to post a video, I get an error message, with absolutely no explanation or alternative. Last night, I tried going to Spanking Tube and uploading something there. It froze, giving me the hourglass for a couple of hours, and I gave up. Today I tried again -- same thing.

Hermione very kindly suggested Vimeo, so I went there. That worked, but with caveats: the size of video I can upload with a free membership is quite limited. Plus, it took over two hours to load and convert a video that was under two minutes. Argh. But... at least I was able to load something fun to show y'all.

Mr. D was in very toppy form once again yesterday, ordering me to keep still and giving me extra strokes when I didn't. And I'm not talking about kicking here; I mean, simple and involuntary reflex movements, like a leg twitch. Goddammit! Just shoot me with a horse tranquilizer, why don'tcha. He finally relented and agreed to allow the natural reflexes. Now if I could just convince him that my middle finger has an automatic reflex.

I really wanted to show the video where he was using my Delrin cane, but that one exceeded the size limit. Suffice it to say, I was screeching at him for telling me not to flinch. "YOU try taking this without flinching and see how you like it!" I hollered. His response was, "Excuse me, did you say something?" And a quick little snap of the cane in the middle of my leg. @#$%&!!!!!!!! Big meanie!

(Not to worry; that was a light strike and the stripe faded quickly thereafter. Just enough to get my attention!)

And yes, I'm wearing dorky socks again. But they had cute XOX decorations on them that matched the color of my shirt.

I got lovely aftercare, of course, with two ice-packs this time.

And here, computer gods willing, is a quickie video. Make sure your sound is turned up so you can hear him asking who's in charge, and my answer. ;-)

MVI 9693 from Erica Scott on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy! I sure did.


  1. You have an amazing bottom and so well paddled, I do not know I would have accepted the Thank You they way you said it by the way.....but at least you know who is in charge. Love the panty and love that paddle.
    Thanks for sharing

    Yes all our prayers for Boston, just a shame what our lives have become.

  2. Ron -- he just wanted thank you; he didn't specify any particular way. ;-)

    1. Erica, it but wow I sure would have spanked you a few more for that tone!

  3. Hi,

    I liked your response to the "do not flinch" command. Damn, a cane stoke to the middle of the leg is nasty. I have had it happen to me as a punishment. Ouch.

    Thank you for the video.


  4. Erica,

    For stuff that you want to share anywhere, you can upload to spankingtube then grab the embed code. For things you want to keep just on your blog, I use picasa web albums. You have 2gigs of free space, so there's room for three or four short HD vids.


  5. I like Mr D's style. The casual "I was just checking" comment made me chuckle. Thanks for sharing, Erica.

  6. joey -- it wasn't really a stroke; more of a flick. :-) Yeah, I've had a full-on cane stroke there before. It was non-consensual, and it was nasty.

    Dana -- thanks, sweetie. Good to know about Picasa. Spanking Tube is apparently going through some sort of upgrade; they have a warning message up that says they're slow, which is a gross understatement. Hopefully they'll be back up to speed soon.

    MrJ -- humph. :-)

    Anonymous -- yeah, he's full of those casual comments. (eye roll)

  7. I love your cute little hips. I've had trouble recently with the embed code from vimeo though.

  8. SS -- yeah, I don't think I like Vimeo. They push their pay versions too hard. Plus, I tried to make the video private, but then they wouldn't let me embed and share it. Next time I'll try Dana's Picasa suggestion.

  9. Hi Erica -- I am on my kindle and it wouldn't let me watch the video clip,which SUCKS :-( I will see if it plays on my computer.Your blog is AWESOME as always.I love your socks they are so cute :-) Much. love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  10. Jade -- don't worry; it will play on your computer.

  11. Erica, as a workaround you can try to upload the video via the "Image Upload" button. I know, it's odd but it seems to work. This will also put the video into Picasa, which is the place all Blogger images are stored.

    Loved the video! I'm glad you finally figured it out.


  12. Really good to hear the dialog that you write about.

  13. Hermione -- I will try that, thanks! Vimeo worked, but I'd rather not go that route.

    OBB -- right? I thought that would be fun. :-)

  14. Gotta love a fellow smartass!!! :-p


  15. Erica, I enjoyed your few moments of sexual erotic pleasure, that your bare bottom endured under the paddle. I am looking forward, when a pliable cane delights, that same area of your anatomy. XXX, Luv ya.

  16. Yeah, the calm way he announced he was "just checking" DID make me laugh very heartily. "Sorry" that you are probably reading today's comments while sitting on a sore bum. I share that tenderness for the first time since last year's BBW. :)

    Is it rare to consider certain bruise shapes to be considered "cute?" I was caned and switched just below my cheeks and have 2 very small bruises which formed right after impact.

  17. Six -- you will see that soon, on Spanking Tube.

    Kelly -- yayyyyyy! I look forward to hearing about your visit with Chelsea.

  18. Haha, love the video. Sounds like it was a fun night! And we all know who's REALLY in charge. ;-)

  19. Great video, and I love your sassiness....

  20. bpUK -- thanks! I do have my fun. :-D

  21. Erica,

    Loved the video. You should do more with Mr. D.

    I couldn't take my eyes off his hand:)


  22. I checked out the one on Spanking Tube, as well as this one. Nice job! I love the banter you guys have. So much fun. As for that cane, NO THANK YOU! You did very well with it, though.

  23. Ronnie -- doesn't he have beautiful hands?

    Bobbie Jo -- it stings, for sure!