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Monday, April 8, 2013

Thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you

It's 10:30 PM and I am finally winding down. Long day -- Mr. D in the morning, then the gym, then came home to work! Kind of a backwards day, no? But it worked nicely.

Mr. D got here a little after 10 AM, and we just talked for nearly two hours. Some of it was about play, technique, etc. -- he agreed we would continue to ramp things up a bit, incorporate some discipline, push a few limits. I trust him more now, and my willingness increases with my trust. I also told him I'd really, really like it if he'd bring his belt and use that more. I know he's concerned about wrapping and so forth, but practice makes perfect, no? Plus, I soooo love the belt.

We had the usual nice long warm-up on the couch, but he was a lot stricter about how I moved and when. Up until recently, I've been kicking and flailing my legs at will, but now, it's "Don't_you_move. No flinching." I flinched anyway, and was rewarded with extra hard, extra fast flurries. "Hold still, baby." I did. I grit my teeth, I whined and groaned, but I kept still. "Good girl."

Then we moved to the ottoman, where I piled up cushions and settled onto them while he went to retrieve some toys. To my surprise, he also picked out one of my own belts. Mine are kind of lame (not too thick, well worn), but certainly good for a start. He also had chosen my senior rattan cane (shudder). 

I started out with my hands behind my back; probably not the smartest idea. Because when I started to relax them back to my sides, he said, "Nooooo, no, leave them there. I like them there." Oy. (Eventually, though, he let me put them back down.)

And yes, there was some spreading of legs. But he was good to me -- he did that with panties ON. :-D

I did not want to wear those stupid socks. He insisted, saying my feet were cold. (sigh)

He alternated between fast-and-hard volleys with his hand, and implements. "I want you to say 'thank you' after every swat," he said. Yeah, y'all know how I love that. Still, I muttered a few "thank-yous." Until that first sharp and surprising stroke with the cane.

"FUCK you!" I hollered, and curled my feet up. "ExCUSE me??" he said. "Put those down!" He nudged my legs back into place with the cane, then warningly let it lie across my calves. "Now what was that? Was that 'fuck you' or 'thank you'?" "Thank you," I grumbled. "That's better." He then continued.

Trouble was, he was hitting faster than I could say the damn thank yous. "Come on," he teased. "I know you can talk faster than that." So I did.


He laughed. But he did slow down. A little. Until he went back to the hand, and gave me another fast volley.

After catching my breath, I mumbled, "Was I supposed to say 'thank you' after all those, too?" "No, I'll cut you a break when they're fast." Oh, the man is a prince.

I completely zoned. I didn't stop feeling it, of course. In fact, I reached the point where I was screaming full-bore into the cushions. But I didn't want him to stop. I was going to take it well and please him. And I did. :-)

He rewarded me with kindness, TLC, and ice.

Actually, he should have saved some for himself. Lookit! Evidence of hand assing!!

That's from last week, but you can see it there in the crease. Poor dear could use some hand lotion, too.

After we said goodbye, I took my sorry beaten arse to the gym. Oh. My. God. I'd been on the elliptical trainer about 20 minutes when I felt it -- a surging of warmth and burning sting, especially in the sweet spot. And then, going from machine to machine and sitting on those hard leather seats, I was making faces and even muttering "Owwww, dammit," a couple of times. This working out apr├ęs spanking is for the birds.

But I had lots of endorphins to get me through. And still plenty of energy after I got home, enough so I could tackle a second job from a new client. Now it's 11:00 PM, and I figure I'm about due for a crash. Bring it... I'm all done. And I feel great.

Mr. D, did I say "thank you" enough? ♥


  1. Wow, what a lovely session.

    It's funny how the real sting doesn't appear later. I never have any trouble sitting shortly after a spanking, but wait a couple of hours, then yeowch! I had the short cane on Saturday and had to ask for it more slowly; I hate flurries!


  2. Terrific spanking Erica. A quick cadence is very hard to take.

    I wonder who needed the ice more Mr D or you.

    Thank you for sharing and providing excellent pix.


    PS I hate leaving my socks on.

  3. Erica,

    A truly lovely session. I sometimes like the quick flurries of the cane.


  4. Erica,
    Thank you for sharing, love the ottoman, great piece of furniture for spanking. Nice bottom my love and terrific session, love the green panty!
    Happy for you and your well tended to bottom.

  5. Hermione -- flurries are mean, but effective! :-)

    joey -- honestly, I think I needed it more. LOL

    Ronnie -- quick cane strokes, if light, can be very stimulating!

    Ron -- yes, that ottoman has seen a lot of action.

  6. If all goes according to plan, I'll be experiencing the same workout sting next Wednesday at my gym. :) I use the Arc Trainer and the INSTANT I break a sweat a day or so removed from a spanking, I feel that reignited sting. I LOVE it.

    When you use the elliptical do you notice a little more leg fatigue than usual from alot of OTK positioning?


  7. Kelly -- hmmmm. No, not leg fatigue. Maybe you use more of an incline than I do.

  8. Erica, as I am a caning enthusiast. I must admit, I enjoyed your essay, on you receiving such a spanking. It turned me on. Thank you.

  9. Hi Erica -- So happy you had a great session. WOW You ASSED his hand again LOL. Your arse must still be sore.but as we all know it's a good feeling.Much love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  10. Jade -- no, that was still from last week. :-) You're right, I'm still sore.

  11. Trustful connection is everything, isn't it?
    Interested in how his hands look like after next pushing on limits - the poor guy, working so hard to make you happy ;-)

  12. I love the belt too and my frequent play partner never uses it. :-( Fortunately I have a SCONY weekend around the corner and I'm sure I'll be accommodated. It looks like you both could use some lotion but what a great scene!

  13. MrJ -- oh yes, pity the poor man. ;-)

    Lea -- yay for parties! I think Mr. D will learn the belt well. He really enjoys using it.