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Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Spanking Spot" awards, 2012

Our fellow blogger Brushstrokes is once again doing his year-end Spanking Awards. He requested nominations last month, and now he is putting the categories, one by one, in his blog so we can vote on them.

This week, he uploaded the nominees for Creative Spanking Blog of the Year. Yours truly is included, and I'm in very good company. Please take a moment and vote; I won't say VOTE FOR ME (oh dear, I just did), but if you do, thank you!  :-D Just vote; it's fun. And we writers appreciate the recognition of our peers.

There are lots of other categories too, including Most Improved Spanking Site, Best Facial Expression on a Spankee and Spanker of the Year. Many good choices and hard to make a decision, but you can only vote once per category.

It's only December 6 and already I'm sick of Xmas music. I feel a parody coming on...


  1. Voted! You certainly deserve the nod! Good luck!


  2. CONGRAT'S ERICA :-)That's AWESOME that your included for a Spanking Spot award, I am going to go vote for you now. I hope you win cause you deserve it your blog ROCKS :-)Much Love and hug's alway's from naughty girl Jade xoxo GOOD LUCK :-)

  3. Jade -- thank you! I wish we could all win; everyone does a great job.

  4. Erica,

    Congratulations. Tough competition. Good luck.


  5. If don't win, it's rigged, as some of those blogs are BORING.

  6. To be BRUTALLY honest, I think ALL contests suck ass for a myriad or reasons. I never enter them because I'm sure to get pissed off at some point. HOWEVER, I did vote for you. You consistently put forth alot of dedication and provide VERY entertaining topics for readers. RESPOND to comments. WTF is it with some blog hosts who feel above their readers where they pick and choose WHO they deem worthy to reply to...OR do NOT rely at all?!!!

    As for Christmas music saturation, as of 12/2 I was aggravated/horrified to discover my GYM took to playing...and REPLAYING canned "rock-sounding" Christmas. For FOUR EM EFFING days in a row, I was subjected to the SAME 9-11 songs from the previous day's set list. I emailed them to ask them to mix up the play list. We'll see how that works tomorrow.

  7. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. You deserve to win this year.


  8. I did already and you are hands or should we say bottoms down the best.....

  9. A pretty rhythmic parody, I presume?

  10. Ronnie -- agreed; some very good fellow bloggers (sweetie-pie Alex Reynolds, for example).

    OBB -- well, I'm not touching that one! :-)

    Kelly -- I do get what you're saying about the awards business. I was telling Richard Windsor yesterday that I feel differently about the Blog award, since that's more about creativity and writing rather than popularity. (Or maybe I'm just kidding myself??)

    Your GYM is playing Xmas music?? Ugh.

    D -- hmmm. I don't remember that part about the contest. :-)

    Hermione -- thank you. :-) I don't know about deserving, but it would give me a smile, certainly!

    Ron -- you're very kind.

    Al -- (groan!!)

    MrJ -- of course! Already written; just waiting a bit for the Xmas Carol Saturation to reach its peak, for the full appreciation.

  11. Congrats on the nomination! Good luck!

  12. Lea -- thanks! Not sure when he'll give the results, but we'll see.