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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another milestone!

Last Friday, it was my 500th post. And then sometime Sunday night, my all-time blog views passed the 1,000,000 mark.

I know some of the super-popular blogs (like Chross, for example) probably have a count in the billions by now, but this feels huge! And speaking of Chross, I'll bet at least a third, if not half or more, of my views are due to him. (Thank you, sir!)

So I was definitely in celebratory mood yesterday when Mr. D arrived, and we had a fun afternoon that extended into evening, with lots of play, talking, laughing, dinner, more talking. We've known one another for three months now, but because our time together is so limited, we're still in that getting-to-know-you phase. But the play is growing more and more comfortable (well, so to speak) and the connection ever stronger.

We started on the couch, as always, with OTK warmup, just his hand. When that was winding down, he asked me how many more I wanted before we moved to the bedroom and the implements. I dunno... 30? Figured that would be a simple count. Hardly.

After nine, he gave me such a light one, I said, "Nine-and-a-half." "Oh, I'm sorry, that's incorrect -- we're starting over." @#$%!! So we started over. At around 12, in the second round, he claims to have not heard me say the number. "I guess we'll have to start over again." Whaaaa?? And we were still in warmup! Yeah, he's learning, all right. He's learning Top Tricks and Mindfuckery.

Once in the bedroom, he selected his arsenal (including his own riding crop) and we got down to business. This time, we were extra diligent and got both types of pictures! :-D

Now you see 'em...

Now you don't.

Mr. D says he's learning to read my body and the way I react during different times during the spanking. He says my groans and other sounds are so expressive, he can tell when I'm feeling a particular strike way down deep. "I feel those with you," he claims. Yeah, right.

I let it go at first. But when we were talking about it afterward and he said once again, "I'm feeling those with you," I said, "Bullshit."

"Excuse me??"

"You do NOT feel them," I snorted. "I feel them. You wanna feel them? Use the implements on yourself and see how they feel."

"I have a better idea," he said, rolling me back over. Ah, damn. Me and my big mouth.

Check out his shirt. I was seeing stars in more ways than one!

I look extremely white in the above photo, for some reason. Perhaps it's the lighting. Trust me, I was not white.

After some lovely aftercare, we went to Jerry's for dinner, where I once again happily indulged in chicken matzo-ball soup, with enough to take some home. And once we got back, I got into showing him an old movie book that had been my dad's, plus some YouTube clips, and before we knew it, it was midnight. I felt kinda bad, because he had to go home and work! He sent the photos this morning, but I had to do some work and then I went out for a long lunch, so that's why I'm so late with this.

In other news... My lunch today was with my stepmother (the nice one, not Vampira). I hadn't seen her in a long time and we had much catching up to do, so we sat for over three hours chatting. At some point she presented me with a small gift bag. "This is for you. I've been wanting to give this to you for a long time."

Lots of packaging -- I opened the gift bag, then a box, then a small cloth pouch, and finally a tiny zip-lock plastic bag. Inside was an exquisite necklace: a single large pearl with three tiny diamonds, on a white-gold chain. I was so surprised that my mouth dropped open, but I think my jaw hit the ground when she spoke.

"Jerry Lewis gave me that in 1962." Say what??

I sat and stared at it while she told me the story. Apparently she was in one of Jerry's movies in 1961, and he was quite enamored of her. When that film wrapped, she went to work in a musical on stage in Hollywood, and on opening night, Jerry Lewis showed up. It was sold out, so he stood in the back of the audience for the entire performance. Afterward, he came backstage, and he didn't just give her this necklace -- he put it on her neck himself. She wore it for decades; it's 50 years old. And now it's mine.

She wanted me to have it because of the show business connection (both she and my father worked with Jerry) and because she thought I would like it. She was right. It's my taste exactly, and I will cherish it.

I love this woman so much! I didn't even mind when she said I looked too thin. (sigh) Both my parents are gone... I really don't mind having her mother-hen me just a little. Plus, she's still so completely sharp and savvy, even at 81. And one of the few people left who can still relay the old show biz stories, and tidbits about my father. I hope she will stick around for a while.

This is shaping up to be a nice week. I even have work! And since we're now in December, there's less than a month left of the holiday shit festivities. I do believe I can make it. :-)


  1. Erica,

    Congratulations on crossing 1,000,000 page views! That is huge! That is proof to how many people you have touched with your words... amazing.

    I can totally sympathize with the slow-to-go-ness of seeing someone only once a week... but I always find it to be so impressive at how much intimacy is exchanged during a spanking, and I certainly feel that between you and Mr. D.

    The necklace is absolutely gorgeous! It is as stunning as your step-mother sounds.


    PS How did I miss your 500th post?!?! Going to it now...

  2. What a wonderful time. I'm happy things are going so well for you, Erica. Question: What is a "movie book"? Is it like a year book that contains photos and trivia on movies?

  3. Hi Erica -- I am happy you and Mr.D had a nice night :-)Your Stepmom is AWESOME :-)That was so thoughtful and generous of her to give you the necklace it's BEAUTIFUL :-)It look's stunning on you.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade xoxo

  4. SC -- my stepmother was one of the most beautiful women I've ever known. I was in such awe of her, as a child. Having this little piece of her history is such an honor. :-) And you're right, this is a sort of instant intimacy with a spanking partner. You kind of do things backwards in kink relationships; you play first and get to know one another subsequently.

    Anonymous -- it's a large reference book with lots of information about movies and actors in the 20th century, up until 1969 (when it was published). Nowadays, all that information is readily available on the Internet.

    Jade -- the picture doesn't do it justice; it's blurry. It was very kind of her to give it to me; she could have given it to her daughter instead, so I'm thrilled. :-D

  5. Congrats sweetie. here's to the next million, and here's to more pics of your naked (no panties) pink caboose. ;)

  6. Congratulations Erica. Thank you for sharing the story of the beautiful necklace. Yes. It was a very kind gesture to give you something with so much meaning for her.


  7. The necklace is gorgeous! What a lovely gesture. I think the time to give people the things that you cherish is before your will is read.


  8. Erica,

    Congratulations on your milestone.

    What a beautiful necklace and a wonderful gesture.


  9. "Hopefully" you won't suffer too much for "making" him stay well past his bedtime! :)
    What does a riding crop's sensation compare to?

    What a sweet gift from your stepmother. I hope she's in your life for many more years.

  10. Congratulations on reaching that double milestone. Jewellery is even better when it has an interesting history.


  11. Congrats, Erica! That's very impressive!
    That necklace is beautiful by the way, and I love things like that with stories behind them. It makes them so special. :)

  12. SS -- oh, fine. First I'm a hamburger, then I'm the back end of a train. ;-)

    joey -- I was quite flabbergasted, believe me!

    Hermione -- I agree. She even said something to that effect: "I thought of leaving it to you, but why wait?"

    Ronnie -- thank you! :-)

    Kelly -- a riding crop stings; feels a bit like a belt but a more concentrated area.

    Prefectdt -- I think so too. I also have my mother's pearls, the ones she received for her Sweet Sixteen.

    Alex -- hugs back, and congratulations, co-nominee! :-)

  13. Well done and congratulations.

    Love your bottom, thing of beauty in panty, my favorite or out of panty...nice spanking my dear.


  14. Ron -- yes, it was quite nice. :-)

  15. That's a beautiful necklace! Wonderful of her to pass it down.

    Congrats on the million! Yes some blogs like Chross have lots and lots of views, but I think that's in the minority. That's a big milestone! People keep coming back for your personality and wit, and yeah the pics of you probably don't hurt. ;-)

    "Top Tricks and Mindfuckery," hahaha. Isn't that the manual they are secretly given when becoming a top? Good news for them, it's short, because most tops can't read!

  16. Congrats on your blog milestones - worthy of note!

    The story about your stepmother and the necklace is just awesome!
    What a great story in of itself ! It also sounds so much like one of those feel good stories you read online; except that this is real - thanks for sharing!

  17. Lea -- LOL! Yeah, it's the sequel to "Top Logic," which is also very short. ;-)

    Enzo -- thank you! I'm still in awe of it (wearing it as I write).