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Friday, February 3, 2012

"Stop calling me 'ma'am,' you jackass!"

That, ladies and gentlemen, was the line that sealed my fate in the latest clip on Spanking Court. I was happily surprised to see Clip #5 up so soon after #4. One more to go...

This is the one where the Judge oversaw my punishment and I broke down in tears on camera. Watching it yesterday made me squirm!

I think I was wiping my eyes or my nose or whatever in this shot. Look how heavy that paddle is. But I'd earned it.

Some excellent news! For those who would rather not join the Spanking Court official site, they have just opened a Clips4Sale store! For now, there are just a few of the early videos, but they will be adding new ones in succession and I assume their full library will up on there eventually. Very cool!

In other news, it's a great Friday. Not only did I get Chrossed (and congrats to all the others as well), but my beloved finally went to the doctor this morning. His knee hasn't been getting any better and it's been two weeks.

He's improving, folks. Last year, it took him five weeks to go to a doctor when he was sick, with some rather dire consequences, as you may recall. This year, it only took him two. (sigh) I've never met anyone so averse to seeing doctors in my life.

Or to taking anything. I had suggested he take Advil for the inflammation, but he refused. He iced it every day, but that's all he would do for it.

So, double good news. First, nothing is broken. Second, the doctor told him to take Advil, every day, for the inflammation. Yes, you stubborn man, love of my life, I told you so. (Don't worry, I didn't actually say that to him.)

Happy kitty, purr purr purr! (Any Big Bang Theory fans among us?) Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. Soft kitty! Warm kitty! Little ball of fur! (That song is one of the best things ever!)

    Clearly your gentleman needs to learn that Erica is always right! Duh.

    And that paddle looks horrible! I suddenly feel like I got off easy.

  2. Congratulations on the Chrossing and all your other good news too! And thanks again for all the inspiration. btw, Big Bang is a Big Favorite around here.

  3. Alex -- you BROKE one of those paddles, m'dear. ;-)

    I get that song stuck in my head sometimes, but I don't really mind.

    Spanky -- here as well. It just keeps getting better each season.

  4. I'd say you were compensating for too much politeness on his part. :-P

    I'm glad that John finally went to see the doctor. Hopefully, next time it'll take even less time.

    The Big Bang Theory is one the most brilliant shows ever, but as Dr.Cooper would say, "Soft kitty is for when you're sick". :-P

  5. Christy -- "Injured and drugged is a kind of sick, isn't it?" :-D

    LOL... politeness, my eye. He KNEW I hated being called "ma'am," and he kept making a point of saying it, again and again, until I blew up. Oh, he's evil.

  6. Hi Erica, CONGRATS on being Chrossed YAY WAY TO GO :-)I am VERY Happy that there is nothing broken in John's knee that is GREAT news :-)HOLY CRAP that paddle is VERY thick i bet that hurt BLOODY HELL OUCH.Wishing you and John a fun and relaxing weekend :-) much love and hugs from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  7. Jade -- it really did hurt, and it left marks, too!

  8. Sheldon: I'm polymerized tree sap and you're an inorganic adhesive, so whatever verbal projectile you launch in my direction is reflected off of me, returns to its original trajectory and adheres to you.

    I cross stitched that on a pillow.
    BBT fo-eva


  9. I hate that song.



  10. That paddle looks awful! I don't like being called ma'am either. Sometimes people will say it to me at work and it makes me cringe and feel like I'm 100 years old. If I were a top, I'd definitely request to be called something different. Glad John is on his way to healing!

  11. Um, yes ma'am.

    Whoops; was that the wrong thing to say?

    Big Bang is a great show; lovely to see a US comedy with genuinely unique characters, and that is consistently funny. With How I Met Your Mother, Community and Happy Endings these are the four I look out for.

    All the best


  12. Oh, and I meant to mention that I used a picture of you in my Northern Spanking "non-review" on my blog

    There's also an interview with Secret Spanko, who I know that you follow.

    Kind regards (I always think that sounds so civilised)


  13. What a BAD girl paddling you got! :) Definitely one of the thickest paddles I've seen.

    Kudos to John for reducing his Dr. visit necessity. WOW 2 stubborn partners! LOL!

  14. Newt -- that would be a very big pillow! ;-) Sheldon rocks.

    TNK -- you're not fooling me, you know. :-Þ

    Tim -- thank you for the picture use! I'd say Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and Suburgatory are reviving the much-maligned sitcom.

    Kelly -- yeah, it was pretty evil. They switched from a thinner and lighter paddle to that one after I made the "jackass" comment.

  15. I've been out of the country for the past three weeks, and it's good to see that all is still well in Ericaville.
    I may have to give some of these new sitcoms a try (I don't usually have the patience for them). I did, however, manage to gt myself spanked on two occasions (here in the U.S., at Paddles, NYC). Three truly excellent spankings delivered by two totally talented men. One of the men travels a lot for business and may make it up to the Bay Area in time. The other man is a friend with whom I've played before many times.

    I hope John sticks with his regimen and doesn't try to get better on his own. That is what my husband's sister did, and she passed away at age 44 last year (breast cancer). I agree the power of positive thinking should not be discounted, along with keeping up a good attitude, eating right, etc., but that alone is not enough.

  16. Dana -- glad you got to scratch the spanking itch! How sad about your sister-in-law. I'm a firm believer in doctors; John, not so much. But he's getting a little better about it.

  17. (knock knock knock) Erica...
    (knock knock knock) Erica...
    (knock knock knock) Erica...

  18. Dr. Ken -- what's the gist, physicist?