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Friday, February 10, 2012

Our first blogs

Because I can't come up with anything original today, I am shamelessly ripping off my friend Secret Spanko, who just wrote a fun entry about first blog posts. He did some thorough research, looking back at several people's first blog entries and commenting on the various types. I found it fascinating and thought I'd pick up the ball and continue with it here.

Among others, he mentioned my first entry here on Blogger, in which I was -- what else? -- bitching about something! This time, it was about how effed up MySpace was and why I moved my blog from there. However, he hadn't seen my very first blog post from MySpace. Just for grins, I dug it up. It's rather boring, but here it is in all its glory, from December 28, 2005:


Current mood: bored

I guess I have to start somewhere with this thing, huh? OK, what do you want to know? How about some random stuff.

I work from my home as a freelance proofreader. So I'm a nut for grammar and spelling. Right now, because of the freaking holidays, my business is dead... hence the bored mood.

I pride myself on my sense of humor and my quick wit. My father was a comedy writer and won five Emmys, so I like to think I inherited his funny genes.

Guilty pleasures: Hostess Sno-Balls (you know, those revolting things with the bright pink coconut and the marshmallow), old surf instrumentals, watching Dark Shadows DVDs (the original show, not that crappy remake).

Things I love: my boyfriend, animals, milk chocolate, good books and movies, intelligence and humor, rainy days, the Beatles, and a lot of other stuff I'll think of later.

Things I hate: hot days, mornings, cottage cheese, tailgaters, tardiness, cell phone overuse, big noisy crowds, rap and hip-hop, the Capital One commercials with David Spade and that dorky fat guy, reality TV, and a lot of other stuff I'll think of later.

What else... oh yeah. I'm a big OTK enthusiast, very much in the national spanking scene, and I've been in eight spanking videos. Ooooh, am I allowed to say that here?

I guess that's enough for now. Happy hump day, everyone.

Don't you love how I downplayed the spanking bit? It was MySpace, after all. I wasn't sure how much I could talk about it. :-D The one thing I miss from the MySpace blog format is the nifty little "current mood" indicator. Oh, and their built-in emoticons.

How about some others digging up their first blogs? We could make a meme out of it!

In other news, we had some more misadventures on FetLife this week, another flame war centered around our favorite malcontent, droning on and on once again about her thinly veiled contempt for the "pros." It got ugly. It got snarky. And today, she finally erupted, bypassing her usual passive-aggressive approach and blasting us, calling us "pissy, petty, narrow-minded bitches" and "pathetic attention whores," and saying that no one in the spanking video industry would ever be welcome at one of her parties. Oh, dear. Pardon me while I hang myself over that one. :-)

John and I were planning to celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend, but that is now on hold. Besides his relentlessly swelling knee, he caught a cold when he went to the HMO last week and hung around several sick people in the waiting room. (sigh) I will never hear the end of that! Anyway, we decided there's no point in doing anything special when he is feeling so wretched, so we'll do it the following weekend instead. It's OK. It's just a calendar date. As he pointed out, we're each other's Valentines year-round. ♥

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. Erica,

    My goodness...I'm even happier than usual that I don't get to spend much time on FetLife. Please do PM me in regards to any parties which I, in my professionalism and narrow-mindedness, should avoid. I wouldn't want to offend anyone with my attempts to support myself doing something which brings me great joy, after all.


  2. OMG Erica... that thread ... the one on Fet... was actually... HYSTERICAL to watch ... as it imploded ... all over itself! LOL

    (was that enough ellipses?) I'd hate to not get invited to a party for not using enough.


    Okay.. don't ask me why.. but I followed your lead.. "again"! You are such an influence! LOL - and so, here is my first blog (a poem) sheesh! OH puh-lease.. what WAS I thinking?! LOL

  3. Dana -- No need for PMs, m'dear. I present to you a couple of paragraphs from Her Highness's diatribe. Oh, and she posted it without her usual overabundance of ellipses, just for us:

    "Party on! I can tell what fun people you all are. Such a loss that I will not ever never never ever party with you. I hope I can go on living.

    Do not worry about me though. I have my own little corner of the world here in Pittsburgh. And we sure as hell know how to PARTY here in the 'Burgh!

    Those of us who party here in Pittsburgh will be more than capable of partying even better, with more freedom and openness, knowing that some of you will not ever be here, or will not ever be here again at our PITTSBURGH SPANKING PARTIES."

    So there you have it. You're not welcome in her corner of Pittsburgh. :-)

    Zelle -- I LOVE that! It's great! :-) Everyone go read!

  4. Hi Erica.I never read your first blog entry cause i got to know you at the end of 2009 but i enjoyed reading it today :-)That lady on fetlife is a BITCH and a VERY big one at that hehehe LOL.I hope John feel's better soon i hate catching cold's.You and John make a VERY SWEET couple :-)Hope your weekend is relaxing.I Love you big hug's from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  5. Dark Shadows rocks ! I started watching the series over in Iraq. I was hooked after the first episode I watched. I agree the remake was awful, except for the women with Big hair, I have always liked women with Big hair. (guess I am a true product of the 80s). We should get together for a Dark Shadows marathon, of course we would need to throw in a few spanking videos just for fun. That is until I start hearing howling, then it's time for me to go. :-)

    The VBB

  6. VBB -- oh my goodness, another commonality! You don't want to get me started on my Dark Shadows obsession... I collect the series, have several books on it, have been to two of their conventions, etc. I even have a picture of myself with David Selby (Quentin), planting a kiss on his cheek. :-)

    And I'm afraid the only howling you may hear is your own, when you face off with the bailiff at Spanking Court! :-O

  7. I'm flattered that you thought I had an idea worth stealing! But you didn't really steal it, you just took it a step further and applied it to the elite bloggers (like yourself) that I was too lazy to go back and look up all the way. I'd love to read your early stuff on myspace. But... hostess snowballs?!

  8. Thank you, Secret Spanko and Erica, for this suggestion-- it will be lots of fun to see what "firsts" show up now!

    (And, after all, the TV Networks start reruns three shows into the new season!)

    Erica, you and VBB will be happy to know that they've finished the restoration and the complete version of the previously mangled "Night of Dark Shadows" and Dan Curtis's first movie, "House of Dark Shadows" will be out together on DVD very soon!

  9. SS -- aw, come on. It's chocolate cake with cream filling! It's marshmallow! It's coconut! What's not to love? :-)

    Dave -- excellent! I just taped HoDS from TCM. As for NoDS, I have a hard time believing that movie could ever be anything but horrible, David Selby notwithstanding!

  10. I loved Dark Shadows as well, Suit is convinced that's why I love the victorian-ey white cotton nightgowns, on certain summer nights..I went through a whole phase when I wanted to recreate her bedroom. That passed.

    I. H.A.T.E. Cottage cheese. Hate. Suit loves it, eats all the time with fruit and granola. ACKKK crime against nature to have to watch him eat those curds.

    Poor John, one thing after the other. Tide will turn soon.
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  11. Dark Shadows remake with Johnny Depp. This year, I think.

    I am so there!


  12. Erica, since Valentine's Day is upon us soon. Here is my Valentine's gift to you, in the form of a poem, that I wrote "Beauty is of the heart, and that of mind, Beauty is what you possess, in that voluptous bare behind.". XXX Love,

  13. Newt -- I can't even LOOK at cottage cheese. Truly, the sight of it nauseates me. When a commercial for it comes on, I look away.

    Cindy -- welllllllllllll... You'll be surprised to hear I have a very strong opinion on that. :-D When do I not?

    I love Dark Shadows. I love Barnabas. I like Johnny Depp. But Johnny Depp as Barnabas in a modern-day Dark Shadows remake? NOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Dark Shadows belongs to its own time; a remake will be too slick, too full of CGI, too gory. And as far as I am concerned, there is only one Barnabas: the splendid Jonathan Frid, still with us at 86.

    Six -- thank you; that's very sweet. :-)

  14. Lea -- I was a sucker for those surveys, I confess! Oh, and if you like me, you DO know you have to be prepared to "kiss my royal paid-for ass," right? ;-)