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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Shadow Lane 2014, Part 2 (Saturday)

Saturday morning, John let me sleep until 11:00-ish while he went to the gym to work out. We showered and dressed and met Mir for lunch at Café Siena, our favorite little hang-out at the Suncoast. After lunch, there was a "TTYL" party from 1-4 in suite 501. TTYL was conceived by Joe; it stands for "Tights, Thongs, Yoga Pants and Leggings," all of which he loves to see women wearing. So I put on a pair of cropped leggings and off we went.

We have a friend who goes by the name Maurice, with whom we go way back. He has not been at a party since 2006, I think, because of health problems. But he's back!! It was so good to see him. So my first Saturday scene was OTK with him at the TTYL party. He shyly asked me afterward how I'd rate his scene: A? B, C, D? I gave him a huge hug and told him he'd always be A+ with me. :-)

Shortly after that, TailGator (the flogger from the night before) grabbed me as I was dashing past him in the foyer, and asked if now was a good time to play. I said I'd love to. What a fun scene! He's a sweetie, and as good a spanker as he is a flogger. (And did I mention he's really cute?) Somewhere in the middle of the scene, his friend (her FetLife name escapes me, and I don't want to use her real name) asked if she could take our picture. "You have NO idea how much he's enjoying this; you should see his face," she said. This tickled me, so of course I said yes. I have asked her to send me the photos, if they came out. Unfortunately, I can't show his face so I can't post them, but I'd love to have them nonetheless.

Anyway, I did my part to get him more "known," since he's fairly new. After we were done and I was back in the main room, I told Alex "You have to play with TG." She asked who he was; I looked around, and as timing would have it, he was right behind me. So I tapped him and said, "Him!" He turned around, I introduced them, and Alex said, "Hi, I'm Alex, and Erica said I have to play with you!" And off they went. Well, that was easy. :-)

We chatted with people until the party was ending, went to another suite (460) briefly, then headed back to our room to nap. I then showered again, washed my hair and blew it out, and got into my new dress. John took a shot of me in it (and see how nicely my new panties go with it?):

We snagged a table right by the dance floor (I enjoy watching the dancing) with a nice group, including Alex and Paul, sweetie-pie Prux, Mir & SpankCake. Can I just mention how utterly gorgeous some of the women looked? Several were dressed up in stunning floor-length ball gowns, including Prux, and SC was in a traffic-stopping red gown that looked like something you'd see at the Oscars.

Friday I didn't get pictures, but Saturday was Photo City! Here are a few:

Michael and me:

The irrepressible Justin, AKA J-Doggg:

Sarah Gregory, looking lovely:

And of course, the man without whom there is no party for me, my beloved John:

Also had photos with the beautiful Princess Kelley, John Osbourne of TripleAAA. and Tall&Strict (AKA Ralph Marvell).

Dinner was good (and the chocolate fudge cake for dessert was even better). At 8:45, the Shadow Lane folks corralled a bunch of us to take a group photo of everyone present who'd ever been in one of their videos. That was fun, but also a little sad -- so many people were missing! It should have been a much, much larger photo, but oh well. We did have a couple of surprises, including veteran Dolores Cortez, who hasn't been to a party in years. I sat between Alex and Sarah, and we had so many cameras pointing at us, I wasn't sure where to look! I hope they got some good ones. :-)

John and I slow-danced to "Wonderful World" for our anniversary dance. Shortly thereafter, the Electric Slide was played and a big group was doing the line dance, so I kicked off my pumps and joined in. Fortunately, the steps are easy to remember and uncomplicated, so even a klutz like me can do it! But that was the extent of my dancing. It's fun, but really, it's not what I'm there for. It was time to go to the suites and get my spank on! So John and I went back to our room so he could change out of his suit and I could swap out dress, heels and stockings for shorts and a tank top, and off we went.

My first scene in the suites was with Kyle Johnson, who is a lot of fun (and has one powerful hand!) He parked us right by the door, so everyone could see us as they came and went (one exhibitionist appreciates another) and we had many laughs in between my screeches. Then Michael, who had promised that we were going to play each day of the weekend, took me in hand and settled down on an ottoman in front of the St. Andrew's cross that Joe had rented from a Las Vegas kinky supply place (I guess you really can rent anything). He got two pillows for my head and arms, saying he wanted me to be comfortable because I'd be there for a while.

What an amazing scene. Even more so, the aftercare. I was all spacey and floaty, tuning out all the noise around us, feeling his hands caressing me. At one point, he pulled my foot up and I could sense him pressing his face against it. I thought perhaps he was just going to kiss my foot and then put it down, but he kept it there, leaning into it and closing his eyes. And we stayed there for I don't know how long. FLAPaddler saw us and thought we looked so great, he gestured to Michael, asking if he could take pictures. I'm so happy he did! :-)

After that, Michael left, saying he needed to go to a less active suite and just be quiet for a while. I took the two cushions and sprawled onto them on the carpet, blissing out and enjoying the floaty feelings, and using the time to catch up with stuff on my phone. Bit of back story -- John and I spent a fair amount of time talking with a party newbie on Friday night. His name is Roy (I got his OK to use it) and he goes by CalNation on FetLife. He was very nice, eager and enthusiastic about making the most of his first party (oh, and he's rather easy on the eyes as well), and I told him I'd love to play with him if he wanted to. So when he approached me as I lay on the carpet, asking if I had time to play now, I said yes.

We went into the suite bathroom, which was huge (the toilet was in a separate alcove, so people often use the tub area for playing), and we had a fun scene in there that I wish had gone on longer! He may be new to parties, but he certainly wasn't new to spanking... he was delicious. Trying to be considerate, he asked questions about my preferences -- harder? softer? fast or slow? -- to which I simply answered, "Yes." Then I added, "Whatever you want." Somehow, I knew I could say that and he wouldn't abuse it, and he didn't.

So, ladies... note those newbie names. TailGator and CalNation. They are Erica-endorsed.

Emerging from the bathroom, I saw the ending of a flogging scene, with both Fineous and SDSpanko79 using two floggers each. When the lovely Toska arose from her blissful spot on the bed, I asked if I could be next. Possibly one of the best things I asked for all weekend. I felt so pampered! First they flogged me -- one of them on my back and shoulders, the other on my bottom and legs -- and then they both massaged me. As I groggily sat up, I said, "I wanna take you both home in my suitcase." So, so good.

As I was putting my clothes back on, Beth came into the room, excited and shy at the same time, saying she had a gift she made for me. Yay, presents! I opened the little package she gave me, and was amazed to see an absolutely adorable pair of rumba-style panties, with lace on the leg openings and a white bow at the waist. So. Freaking. Cute. And she made them! She's been making panties for a while (see here), but she said this was the first time she's tried this style. I was so touched! And they fit perfectly, too. I didn't get a picture at the party, so I took one after I got home. Aren't they sweet? Thank you, Beth!

At 1:30 a.m., it was time for the "Multiple Strapping" scene -- four male tops (Fineous, Joe, SFSpanko79 and FLAPaddler) with two straps apiece, putting various bottoms on a massage table with a foam wedge under their hips, propping the bottom up high. They then did a perfectly synchronized series of strokes, each taking turns hitting with both straps, with Fineous keeping the count. It was amazing to watch, and even more amazing to feel! They've been doing this for several parties now, but it was my first opportunity to experience it. They did a series of 10 (which ends up being 40 strokes), then a series of 20 (80 strokes). I could have done more, but there were many others who wanted turns. What a pleasure to know that I could trust eight straps in these four men's hands, knowing there would be no wraps, nothing too high or too low, just perfect. Delicious.

My final scene of the night was a second session with Maurice, and then we lingered until nearly 4:00. Things were still hopping when we left, but CP Court was at noon the next day, so some sleep was essential. One more day...


  1. Erica, it seems you love two things in life. VIVA JOHN, and VIVA LAS VEGAS. I am sure you could settle for this great combination, for all ETERNITY. XXX Luv ya.

  2. I love that you share your experiences! It sounds like you had a great great time!

  3. Six -- well, I'd need to have Steve in the mix too. But if Vegas means seeing all my friends, then yes. :-)

    Natasha -- it's fun to share; it helps me remember them.

  4. You're one of the faces I missed the most! Paul and I were both very sad that we had to come to the decision that we couldn't make it work, from my new graduate school, to moving across country, to financials (moving is freaking expensive).. we just couldn't do it. Thanks so much for the blog, as accounts like this make it easier to live vicariously through you!

    We're not sure on which parties we will be able to attend yet due to my schedule, but we shall see. I'm hoping fifty freaks can work!

    I'm glad you had buckets of fun and I'm sad I missed it.. Maybe Paul will beat me and take me to dinner tonight. Chances are good!

    Big Big Big Hugs!

  5. Dearest darling otkd/Sraa, I missed you both! It's not the same without your smiling face. Yes, yes, please, 50 Freaks! Massive hugs to you.

  6. Hi Erica -- Your pics are WONDERFUL as always :-) So glad you had a great time. The panties your friend made you are ADORABLE :-) You look BEAUTIFUL as always.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  7. Jade -- didn't she do a nice job? I was so pleased.

  8. Erica,
    I'm just catching up on Shadow Lane. I really enjoy reading about all of the wonderful scenes and pictures that you share with us. One of my favorites would have to be the picture of you and Michael. Thanks again for sharing!
    Christin N.J.

  9. Christin -- thanks for reading! I'm glad these reports aren't boring for people. :-)