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Friday, September 5, 2014

Post-party blahs

The inevitable drop has set in. At least (so far), neither John nor I have gotten sick -- a fate that befell several of our friends. No traumas, no dramas, just general blech. Feeling tired and uninspired. I'm sure many of my fellow party-goers can relate. Yearning to pile into a friend nest with everyone I'm missing.

I do have pretty roses to look at, however. :-)

An after-the-fact anniversary surprise from John. They make me smile. ♥ He's good to me.

My right thigh is green and yellow, very attractive! Otherwise, I'm fully recovered from 16 scenes of varying intensity degrees. I am going to be more than ready for Steve next week; I am craving his special attention. Plus, I miss him.

I've been trying to remember snippets of the party I forgot to mention, but either my brain is fried and I can't come up with them, or I did a really good job with my reports and didn't miss stuff! About the only thing I can think of is how fun it was to see Alex walk into the suite party on Saturday night wearing the kitty-cat PJs I gave her for her birthday. They are so cute! I wish I had taken a picture of her in them.

I think part of my malaise is due to the fact that all of the work I was supposed to get after I came home failed to materialize. The projects are still on, as far as I know, but they've been delayed. So I find myself in famine mode, which isn't good for my psyche. Yesterday I had lunch with the man who advises me about my finances (I've been with him for 16 years, ever since my dad passed away and left me a beneficiary IRA). Without going into a lot of details, one of my investments went bust, due to the fallout from the recession... therefore, I have had a sizable financial setback. And at my age, it's hard to recover from that. So... this is weighing on my mind. Work gods, deliver. Please.

This will be a quiet weekend, which is fine. Both of us could use that. And I do believe our social life will be picking up a little. We have a lovely mini-group of friends locally now (Alex and Paul, SpankCake, and now Kelley), and knowing Kelley, we'll have a party group happening before we know it. :-) So even two old recluses like John and me could actually be breaking out of our caves a bit more. And maybe I can bring Steve into a local scene if we get one. I want more people to know how awesome he is.

Sorry for the ramble. What goes up, must come down, as they say (whoever the fuck "they" are). Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. Erica, as you have stated, you came down to reality earth, after having spent a glorious weekend at Shadow Lane's Heaven. But I am sure after a few days of rest, you will be back in a more jovial mood. Erica, alas we once more lost a comedic icon, named Joan Rivers. What is your take on her.

  2. Six -- I know for many, she is kind of a self-parody with a lot of plastic surgery. But that's just the recent Joan Rivers. I remember her from way back, and appreciate what a trailblazer she was for so many female comics. She could be mean, but damn, she was funny. I'm sorry to see her go.

  3. My friend, I took on your avoided head/chest cold right out of no where starting on Labor Day with a head cold. THEN the temp job which I actually LOVED was concluded today because we did such an "extraordinary" performance, exceeding the goal by an entire month. YAY FOR THEM, BUT SUCKS ASS for me. LOL

    I'm glad you have your spanking cohorts nearby now. I have no prospects at the moment and honestly I've been so recently jaded towards the scene and various relationships within I truly couldn't care less when the next one will take place.

  4. Kelly -- awww, sweetie! I'm sorry. :-( Yeah, I know that jaded feeling. It comes and goes for me. After a party, the yearnings for spanking pals are strong.

  5. FYI. I LOVED Joan Rivers. She was my comedic idol whil growing up. I used to LOVE tormenting myself staying up to watch her guest host on The Tonight Show. Some of my funnier friends and I would rehash her jokes the next day. I LOVE to refer to her as "inappropriately appropriate." She let NOTHING slip past her smart mind. :)

  6. Kelly -- I tended to like her general snark and observations better than her one-on-one going after certain individuals. She could be incredibly vicious. But overall, I loved her humor. And she did aim it on herself plenty. "I've had so much plastic surgery that when I die, they're doing to donate my body to Tupperware."

  7. Oh, I want someone to make me a nest! That looks so cozy!! Beautiful roses :)

  8. Paul is sick with the spanking plague, but I seem to have avoided it. I regret not getting a photo in my cat PJ's with you! But I'll take one and post it, even though it'll just be me in my house. ^_^
    I miss you and John. I'm glad you guys are close by: we're gonna need to have a post party decompression hang out or something, maybe!

  9. Erica, a photo of yours in now on Aunt Agony blog. Erica who are your all-time favorite comedians. Past, Present and Future. XXX Luv ya.

  10. Autumn -- don't you just love that? I crave that sort of thing sometimes.

    Alex -- oh noes! Poor Paul. We miss you guys too. And yes, post-party soon!

    Six -- I'd have to give that some thought. The first who comes to mind for past/present is Carol Burnett.

  11. Ugh... some of us must have eaten a batch of cookies someone sneezed on (ewww!). Cold and a crazy week at work has kept my mind I had a good friend texting the party blues away (wink wink!). Maybe lunch this week? I am due a few days off! Maybe Thursday?


  12. I´m sure, work will come. Meanwhile, enjoy the roses. That is probably why the gods decided not to pile work up ;-)

  13. Hi Erica -- I am so sorry that, your having the post party blahs :-( It won't last long, because you will be seeing Steve this week YAY :-) John is an AWESOME guy, those flowers are BEAUTIFUL and so are you :-) Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  14. SC -- oooh, maybe! Let's check with Alex. I'm sorry you got sick; that's a common party thing, it seems.

    MrJ -- they're just starting to droop now. I wish they could last longer.

    Jade -- you're right, just two more days! :-)