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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The "C-Spot"

Fellow bottoms, you know how, in the throes of a spanking session, there is a certain swat or series of swats that causes the perfect harmony of sensations, that reverberates all through your core and sends all the right signals, just the right blend of pain and pleasure, zinging to your brain? Steve can always tell when I've gotten one or more of those, because I let out a really guttural, semi-orgasmic groan.

"Ooooh," he said yesterday when that happened. "Did I hit your c-spot?" I roused enough out of my stupor to mutter, "Wha...?" "Your 'cheek-spot,'" he replied. Cute.  

Well, he hit that all over the place yesterday. Damn, what a great scene. Exactly what I needed, after reading all the post-Crimson Moon comments and looking at picture after adorable picture. Dammit... end of this month, it's my turn for party time!

Anyway, yesterday I got my just deserts and dessert as well. Steve showed up with cake, a lovely big chunk of triple chocolate cake from the nearby bakery, for our 2nd anniversary, which we hadn't gotten around to officially celebrating yet. But the sweets had to wait until later.

In order to commemorate our two years, Steve felt it was necessary to drag out nearly every damn implement I own and make a presentation of it:

He didn't use all of those (particularly not the thicker wooden cane, since I threw it into the corner of the room). But he used quite a few.

As you can see, I wasn't taking him too seriously at first (what's up with that face??):

But shortly thereafter, it began to sink in that he had the upper hand.

By the time he was done, I had about half the bedspread scrunched up into my fists. I was pleading with him, "no more, no more," all the while hunkering down for more. He pushed, just enough. 

It took me a long time to calm down afterward. I shook and twitched and panted, and it felt like stinging sparks were shooting off my bottom. Then, the peace and nothing-ness settled in, enveloping me, as he held me close. I actually dozed off for a bit. That never happens. But that's how relaxed I was.


And then there was cake! :-D  Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse filling, and chocolate icing, with glazed berries on top (a perfect strawberry, raspberry and blackberry). Couldn't have been more perfect.

Last night, instead of setting my alarm, I decided what the hell, work is finished for the moment, I'd just sleep until I wake up naturally. I went to bed around 1:30, and was shocked when I opened my eyes and it was 10 minutes to noon! I guess I was truly wiped out.

Steve told me that when he picked up the cake, there was a sweet, middle-aged woman behind the counter, who smiled at him and asked if this was a special occasion.

"Yes, anniversary," he replied.

"How nice!" she beamed. "How many years have you been married?"

And that fool answered, "Oh, we're not married. We're spanking partners."

I said, "You didn't. You did not. You're yanking my chain." But he insisted that he did. And then she said, "Oh, that's ni... huh?" Her face looked thoroughly confused. He then took his cake and left, wishing her a nice day. Oh my GOD.

I told John about this last night. His comment, "Good for Steve. Tell him next time to say that when you're there with him." 

Men. Buncha buttheads, every last one of 'em. But I do love mine. :-)


  1. A great partnership and a lovely red bottom.

  2. Happy spankiversary! You and Steve are too cute. I love that you two celebrate a spanking partnership with cake.

  3. Michael -- thanks! :-)

    Anonymous -- aw, thanks. What's a celebration without cake?

  4. I just love it when I see that you have a new post because your posts are always just so fun to read. You bring sunshine to just about everything you do, don't you?

  5. LOL!!! Steve's every bit the imp you are!
    That cake was oral Paradise, I imagine!

  6. sub hub -- LOL! Oh, my dear, more like a storm cloud. But thank you.

    Kelly -- please. He's worse. :-)

  7. Nothing beats a homemade greeting card.
    Oh, well, I guess Steve did. Har!!

    Mmmm... chocolate... I've gone two whole days sans cookies and brownies and danish... having... withdrawal... I better grab my copy of "Late Bloomer" to read, out loud, over coffee and cake at Panera!

  8. Wolfie -- two days?? Go have a nosh! But... out loud? :-)

  9. Omg, I can't believe he said that! I'm sure her expression was priceless.

    It sounds like it was a wonderful spanking and just what you needed. Cake and spankings and it wasn't even your birthday! Happy spankiversary!

  10. Erica, two of a kind. A good spanking, and a scrumptious chocolate cake, And you go BANANAS. Congratulations on your 2nd Anniversary. Buy the way have you been watching the TV serious "Masters of Sex" Lizzie Caplan, that nice Jewish girl sure knows how to act, in what I believe is an Emmy performance of a lifetime, One day I believe she will win an Oscar, XXX Luv ya.

  11. Steve was so devilish to say that to the woman at the bakery! I'll bet she went home and told her husband about it.


  12. She probably shrugged it off as a joke, but if you had been there, your embarrassed reaction would have told all. I'm glad you didn't have to go through that this time, but I think between John and Steve they will concoct something for next time. That would be more embarrassing than just being swatted in public to me.

    On a side note, I agree with sub hub. Your posts, comments, and e-mails usually brighten my day. :-)

  13. A spanking and cake?? Well now I am just jealous :p

    Happy Anniversary!! I'm glad you had fun!

  14. I love how Steve felt the need to decorate his canvas with not only red but a banner as well :) in order to properly celebrate your two year anniversary. The chocolate cake sounds simply divine and I would have loved to witness the look on the girls face in the bakery as what Steve said to her officially processed LOL. Happy two year anniversary to the both of you!

  15. Lea -- I know, right? And not just cake -- CHOCOLATE cake! :-)

    Six -- I don't have premium cable, so I don't get that station. I always have to wait until the HBO and Showtime programs come out on Netflix.

    Hermione -- devilish; yes, that fits Steve very well. :-)

    Jay -- Steve and John have never met in person. And you know, considering how much trouble they each make singly, I want to keep them apart!

    Casey -- thanks! :-) I was dealing with my own jealousy over so many of my friends partying at Crimson Moon, so this helped tremendously.

    Kristen -- Steve said the woman looked more confused than anything else. I wonder if she ever fully understood. And yes, he has quite the penchant for writing on me. :-)

  16. Hi Erica -- Happy 2 year anniversary to you and Steve :-) I like how he wrote on your butt LOL :-) I am happy that you both had fun,chocolate cake is a added bonus,that always makes things even better :-) I would of loved to see the look, on the ladies face,at the bakery as well :-) Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  17. I loved the look of shock, confusion and "he didn't just say that" on the bakery employee's face. And I so love that sound you make when I hit your c-spot. Yum for this top! Steve

  18. Steve -- you are too cute. :-)