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Friday, August 8, 2014

My "treatise" on the corner controversy

This post is for Jay! Earlier this week, she wrote about how her work computer faces a corner, so she's essentially "in the corner" for eight hours a day. This got me thinking about the ever ongoing discussions about corner time on FetLife, and I wrote a tongue-in-cheek piece about how to make it entertaining.

Mind you, I don't really have an issue with the corner thing. It has little effect on me -- aside from posing for pictures there on occasion, I don't have much experience with it. I've never had a top who was into it. So I don't hate it, but it doesn't do anything for me, either. My sole (and vehement) objection regarding it is when tops put a bottom there after the spanking. Before the spanking, or during a break, fine, but after is a big NO for me. Sorry, but when the spanking is over, that's the time for whatever your idea of aftercare is -- not for making your bottom feel isolated and untouchable.

Anyway, here's what I posted on FetLife, for those who aren't on there and might find it amusing. :-)

I've been observing the "corner wars" posts the past couple of weeks. Bottoms hate corner time and think it's a waste of time. Tops think corner time rocks and is an absolute necessity. I, of course, am on the side of right: the bottoms' side. But if tops insist on this ridiculous practice, I have a solution.
Bottoms: just bring a tablet or your Smartphone with you.
While you're stuck standing there feeling like a dummy with your red bottom on display, maximize your time! Catch up on the latest news. Answer your emails. Write something new; perhaps a treatise on the latest reasons why tops are wrong. Take selfies of sticking your tongue out. You're facing the wall; they can't see you.
If the corner time is extra long? Bring a Kindle with you and read a new spanking novella. Get some fresh ideas on how to make mischief once you're sprung from your painted prison.
If your top balks at this, claiming you're not entitled to entertainment during your punishment, remind him/her about how you're always in trouble for wasting time and not getting things done. You are simply trying to rectify this situation by not letting any precious minutes slip by without filling them with something useful. (Useful to whom doesn't matter.)
If your top is one of those nose-to-the-wall sticklers, then put your headphones on and listen to music. Enrich your senses. Turn the sound up enough so that it turns everything your top says to you into garbled murmurs. Which is pretty much what it always is, anyway.
Exercise your artistic abilities. Go to the Paint program on your tablet and draw a funny caricature of your top. The possibilities are endless. Or hone your computer skills and do something artistic with Photoshop. I once swapped a top's head out with Alfred E. Neuman's head. It was highly amusing.
My point is, make lemons of lemonade. What you think of corner time is immaterial, if the tops insist on it. So instead of protesting, use it to your advantage. Who knows... the tops might just see the erroneous nature of this silly ritual and give it up altogether.
Of course, that might mean that you need to maximize your time elsewhere. I suggest reading the news while OTK, but do that at your own risk.
The comments I received overall were quite funny. Of course, one Uber-Dom sort had to chime in and say something about how that would be the perfect time for some extra spanking attention on the soles of the feet. !!! I wrote back that striking the feet is not spanking, it is bastinado. And I pity the poor BASTard who would try BASTinado on me, because I'd kick his sinuses through the back of his head.

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. Very humorous piece. Now come over here and lay over my knee. I want to add to your sense of humor. Ooops, sorry I got the bottom of your foot. Your wonderful top.

  2. It's not a hard no for me but also nothing I would get any thrill from whatsoever. I did have one private session where I was sent there and I was fully clothed again. Then while playing a rebellious role play character I flipped the top off and mooned her. Back to spanking we went! :)

  3. :-D That's great! Thanks for posting so I could read it!

  4. Funny. Corner time for me is a hard limit. I couldn't stand there for more than a couple of minutes without having to move! So, for the tops out there that insist on it, I won't be engaging with you. :-P~~~

  5. Dear WT -- ooops, sorry, I kicked your nuts. :-Þ

    Kelly -- ha! Well, that's one way to get out of the damn corner.

    Jay -- my pleasure!

    Bobbie Jo -- yeah... to me, it's just kind of silly. A waste of time. But to each their own, as usual.

  6. These thing for sure could be tried, I am not sure whether they would be repeated,

  7. Nice. :) I don't get sent to the corner, but I have on occasion been told to wait in the bedroom to eliminate all of the stimulation that was making me agitated so I could have a chance to clear my head. I instinctively understood that my phone was included in the list of stimulants, but DAMN it would be nice to have a Kindle next time!

  8. MrJ -- perhaps not. Worth a try, though. :-)

    Brat E. -- honestly, I don't see what would be wrong with a bit of reading. I read in bed every night before sleep and it relaxes me. :-)

  9. Very funny indeed Erica. I love the though of seeing you kicking someone's "sinuses through the back of his head." The repost of the piece on FetLife is funny as sh*t! Btw, i was inspired by your frequent references to FetLife to go the go sign up. I am so new at it i wouldn't even know how to search you out on the site yet, but am looking forward to learning.

    I have never experienced corner time either. the idea that it might be required gives me a hard on. For me, it falls into the category of arousing, only because it is among those things that I know would be unpleasant, yet i am required to do as part of my servitude to my Mistress, or as punishment.

    I know that as it was being administered, i don'tt really want a severe enough spanking that will cause tears, bruises and genuine begging for it to stop. That idea in and of itself is not a pleasant thought, but being required to endure it for my Mistress is. It's also like being required to consume my own ejaculate as a condition of being allowed to ejaculate. This is not at all something i would ever do (and neither does my Mistress, btw, thank goodness) but whenever i read about that FLM's that have a standing requirement that the submissive husband, I get a hard on! This happens because it is a demonstration by a submissive husband who will make an enormous sacrifice simply because it what his Mistress requires that of him. The act itself is not the source of arousal. Cornertime would be very much like these things for me.

    it wasn't corner time, but once Mistress made me go sit in a very dimly lit closet, naked and on a stool, and forbid me to move the entire time i was in there. i was sent there to think about what i had just done and also my upcoming punishment. I remember that i didn't like it one bit. i was only in there for about 10 minutes but it seemed like 2 hours. I hated it ......... but now that i am remembering that time, i am getting a hard on. this submissive husband thing is pretty amazing.

  10. So sorry Erica, i seemed to go off on a rant there. i forgot whose blog it was. *smile

  11. sub hub -- s'ok. It happens.

  12. Oh geez, not sure I would ever push my luck with any of these extra-curricular corner activities; although, one time, my husband told me to stand in the corner for 10 minutes when he was not home and to take pictures so he'd know I'd done it. I took a picture in the corner, went and did things that needed to be done for 10 minutes, went back to the corner, and took the final picture. Hahahaha.

  13. Autumn -- HAHAHA! Love it. Yeah... long time ago, a guy online once told me that I should go stand in the corner for a half hour, then come back online and tell him about it. WTF? Like I'd do that with someone I don't even know? I wouldn't even do it for someone I DO know! lol

  14. Erica, you make me wish we did corner time here. It would give me plenty of extra time to play Candy Crush on my iPad.


  15. Hermione -- ha! Think how many levels you could achieve!

  16. Hi Erica -- Corner time doesn't bother me,but it does nothing for me.It's boring, I can't seem to stand still LOL :-) I keep trying to look at the tv then I get yelled at and have extra minutes added on. I could just imagine you kicking someone's sinuses into the back of their head LMAO :-) You are too funny. Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  17. Nice post my friend, I dislike corner time as a lap or bottom is a prelude to sex! Then it is hot...


  18. Ron -- I guess anything that ends with sex can be hot, huh?