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Sunday, December 8, 2013

OT: Comedians and Critters

Yes, I know that's a strange title. Got your attention though, didn't it?

Most of us "of a certain age" remember the comedy duo The Smothers Brothers. Actual brothers (Tom and Dick), they are still with us (both in their 70s), but are best known for a variety show they had in the 1960s. This show ended up being canceled by CBS for being too political/controversial. 

Last week, my stepmother sent me a link to a recent appearance they made on the Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I watched it and laughed out loud; they're still funny, and they don't even have to be dirty. If you'd like to see the clip, it's here.

Anyway, I was so tickled, I tweeted about them on Friday. I was surprised at how many responses I got: "They're brilliant!" "I grew up watching them," etc. But imagine my shock when I logged onto Twitter on Saturday and saw that my tweet had been favorited, retweeted, and responded to... by Dick Smothers.

"Hello, this is the original Dickie Smothers. Good to hear that you still like our stuff!"

Then he tweeted, "I am not done yet! Tommy retired; I didn't."


And of course, then the tweet of mine that he retweeted was further retweeted, and so on. I had a long string of responses and gained some new followers. But I still can't believe one of the Smothers Brothers tweeted back to me. (Between y'all and me, though, Dick needs Tommy. Dick was the straight guy, and Tommy was the one with all the funny lines.)

I know they knew my father way back when (they appeared on one of the shows he wrote for), so I feel a sort of connection, even though they have no idea who I am.

There's a weird, guilty pleasure around Twitter and celebrities. Us ordinary folks follow some of them (yes, I do too) and always hope that we'll get their attention and they'll answer a fan tweet or something. Some celebs are good sports and will reply to a fan now and then. 

Me? I got a "thank you" from Kathryn Leigh Scott (who played Maggie on Dark Shadows) when I tweeted my condolences to her on the death of Jonathan Frid. And when the whole Law & Order: SVU season premiere insanity was being tweeted over, with Benson being menaced by a creepy psycho, I posted my share of tweets about the show and the performances, and a few times, I was favorited by the actor who played the creepy psycho. But that's the extent of my Twitter celebrity brushes. So this was pretty cool!

As for the critters, I am posting a shout-out for my buddy Dana Kane, who is fundraising for animal charities on her blog, with a raffle and prizes. Every penny of the proceeds will go to legitimate and worthy animal-care causes. For those who love animals (and who love Dana!), you'll want to read all about it here.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Next post will be on topic, promise.


  1. Erica, yes I loved watching the Smothers Brothers, and their controversial politics. One of the brothers, now does a commercial on TV. Yes, the Smothers Brothers were funny. But you must admit, they can not beat the comedians, that we now have in Washington D.C. You know which ones I mean. They are all a laugh?. XXX Luv ya.

    1. The ones in Washington can't beat the one we have in Canada; Toronto's mayor, Rob Ford.

    2. Hermione, you are absolutely correct. 'Ford's' steering wheel (brains) is off the beaten track. But what can you say about the town's voter's who elected him. Maybe the Maple Leafs should have iced him, and puckered him off.

  2. Erica, how amazing! Too bad you can't frame that tweet!

    I loved their show and watched it every week. Didn't they resurrect the show a few years ago? I seem to recall "The State of Yo" led to an upturn in yo-yo sales.


  3. Erica,

    Never heard of them. The clip of them made me laugh.


  4. I loved their show Erica. Thanks for the clip.


  5. Six -- (sigh) I'm not finding them to be very funny. Like Tommy said, the "more-ons" are running the country.

    Hermione -- the last show of theirs that I can recall was in the late 1980s. And yes, I would love to frame it! I'm following him now.

    Ronnie -- they were hilarious, and very controversial for their day.

    joey -- my pleasure!

  6. Loved that show. Even at a young age I knew they were rubbing people the wrong way. I actually became friends with Dickie Smothers Jr. He was the lead singer and bass player for a heavy metal band in my home town. I remember seeing Dick Smothers on Carson saying how terrible his band was. We had a good laugh about that. Truthfully the band was very good, I'm sure Dad just said that for the joke.

    Totally get the retweeting thing. I've been retweeted by Dave Barry and I was so stoked.

    Always enjoy it when you go off topic. You are smart and have interesting stories that I really enjoy.


  7. Jon -- thanks! :-) How fun to be friends with Dick Jr. I'll bet he had loads of stories!

  8. That's really cool, Erica. I know I always get a thrill on Facebook when I comment on my fave General Hospital actress Nancy Lee Grahn's page. She's liked several of my comments. And back when Myspace was THE place to be, I sent separate friend requests to both Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart. I also sent them both private messages raving about that year's concert where I live, Nancy at least opened it even though I didn't get a response but I deleted my profile around that time, too.

  9. Kelly -- I follow a couple of minor celebrities on Facebook and have commented to at least one of them, but they get hundreds of comments and don't acknowledge them, although I hope they see them, at least.

    I also belong to the Carol Burnett fan club on FB, and they provide a writing address so one can send a note to Carol. I actually did so, telling her who my dad was and thanking her for giving him the best job he ever had in his career. I hoped maybe she'd reply... but she didn't. (sigh)

  10. Hi Erica -- I watched the clip, Thanks for sharing,They are so funny LOL :-) I don't know if I am right or not, but wasn't Smothers Brothers also a brand of cough drops? Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  11. Jade -- no, that was Smith Brothers. Close!