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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CHoS is now on Kindle

Yes, kids, Erica struggled and clawed and complained her way into the modern age once again. It took a lot of work, considering I'd never done this before, but I reformatted my book file so that it would convert properly to an e-book reader. I'm pretty damn proud of myself, I must say. I'm always jazzed when I learn something new, computer-wise.

I had a lot of help. I had posted questions on both the Kindle Direct help forum, and in a book group on FetLife. Several people took the time to type out advice and tips, or give me links on places to go. I was on information overload for a while, but I was able to piece together what I needed and move forward. And finally, very special thanks to Korey Mae Johnson, who was kind enough to look at my Word document and then send me specific directions on what to tweak.

So here it is, the e-book version. I am hoping that now, sales will start to kick in and so will some positive reactions. It's been kind of disappointing, so far. Barely any sales of the paperback.

Yesterday, I looked at the paperback version on Amazon and saw that I'd gotten my very first review. One star. And because it was the only review, it stood out like a beacon, right there next to the title: "One review, one star." First thing anyone would see when they looked at the book. Really nice.

I read the review. A woman called it "Internet rehash" and said it didn't need to be a book, since you could read it by scanning the author's blog. Scanning? I started the CHoS in 2007, on MySpace. Who wants to go back and scan through three years of MySpace blogs, and then three more years of Blogspot blogs? That's some scan! And it wasn't like I just copied and pasted all the columns into a file and called it a book. I organized it all into categories, wrote introductory copy for each chapter, added beginning and ending material... Ugh! 

I know they say that one shouldn't comment to one's negative reviews, but I couldn't help it. What she said was so inaccurate. So I posted this:

It's a collection; yes, the material was posted on my blog. Over seven years, on two different sites. Hardly a "scan." Most people haven't read all the material, plus I added introductory copy to each chapter.

Thanks for taking the time to be unkind. Have a nice day. :-)

Probably not the most mature approach, but dammit...

Fortunately, Bobbie Jo was kind enough to drop by the site and post a review as well (she just finished her paperback) and gave me five stars, so the overall rating is now three stars instead of just one. Please, people. If you like the book, go say so. Good reviews mean the world to us writers. And they help encourage others to read our material. And if you don't like it, that's fine -- go read something you do like. Don't crap on someone's work.

Yes, I'm a little sulky. Lukewarm reaction to the book so far, blog comments and views are down, haven't been Chrossed in three weeks, and then that bit of unnecessary nastiness. Not feeling the love here. :-(

Enough. Back to work. Happy Hump Day. At least my A/C is working.


  1. Erica, for five years you have 'kindled' my heart, now you have 'kindled', a book. Congratulations. XXX luv ya.

  2. I will order it today. Thanks.


  3. Hi Erica -- I agree that lady was VERY unkind :-( I am angry about it because, All your writing is FABULOUS, She was RUDE.How DARE she put your good work down.She should of kept her pie hole shut.Well me and all your other friends,know what a GREAT person and writer that you are.Her STUPID remark does NOT count :-) I will be buying your book soon, I can't wait to read it :-) You know I will give you 5 stars and a good review.That woman is one bad seed LOL, don't let her get you down.YOU ROCK MY VERY DEAR FRIEND.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  4. I'll make it a point to rank it high. I love your response to that asshole reviewer-cuts right to the quick.

    I know what you mean about lack of love feelings. YOU and a small handful of people were the ONLY people of at least 100 on my Fetlife list of "friends" to wish me a happy birthday yesterday. I get it that not everyone checks there everyday but the ones who WERE on their HAD to have seen the wishes that were posted.

  5. Six -- thanks. :-)

    joey -- really appreciate that! I hope, after all the futzing around, it will look OK.

    Jade -- it's OK. I don't think I would have minded so much, except it was the very first and only review, so it really looked bad.

    Anonymous -- I know who you are, and I'm so sorry. That sucks. :-( People have busy lives; I know I've missed a couple of birthdays on Fet. But still, it hurts.

  6. Hey, I tried writing a review several times but after I typed the comments in the space, but to my eyes they weren't stored. It did say there was a 48 hr delay to post???

  7. Kelly -- hmmm. It hasn't shown up, but I think there is a delay. As I recall, when I posted reviews before, it took a while before it appeared. I guess they check everything?

  8. I would never take the time to leave a bad review unless it was something I felt I really got ripped off on and wanted to warn people about, like home repair services or something.

    I will be ordering the paperback soon! I'm like you and enjoy having a real book to hold. I don't own a Kindle/Nook or anything else. Plus I have both your other books in paperback so can complete the collection. :-)

  9. Got our copy over the weekend. Lizzie is enjoying the hell out of it. Now that it's on Kindle, I'll be getting MY copy for my iPad!

  10. Lea -- ah, other commonality. I keep liking you more and more! :-)

    Craig -- Lizzie doesn't do e-books? (glad she's liking it!)

  11. Oh, she does. But we bought the book as soon as it came out, and an e-edition wasn't available then.

  12. Well done, congratulations

  13. There is a positive review of CHoS on Our Books

  14. Anonymous -- oh, thank you. :-D