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Monday, January 31, 2011


New Guy has a bad cold. I kinda had a feeling... usually on Monday morning, he drops me an email to tease me a bit about what's coming later. This morning, I didn't hear from him... and then I got email from him in the early afternoon, when he's usually at work. :-(  Poor guy was sick all weekend and he didn't want to take a chance of spreading it to me.

Wish I could make him some chicken soup or something. Oh, wait. That's right... I don't cook. Never mind. I'll just have to send my best wishes and recovery thoughts.

So, what's a girl to do while she waits for her top to feel better? Post more pictures!

I have some goofy ones from the opening of the Nervous-Neglected-Wife-Hires-a-Prostitute video. My character has never done anything like this before, you understand, and Sarah's character is trying to put her at ease. Before Hubby comes home unexpectedly, she attempts a bit of seduction:

Naturally, when we were shooting these stills, K and Paul were hooting and hollering (I swear, men are so juvenile), so Sarah and I started hamming it up...

And then, of course we both lost it.

Here's me playing innocent and sweet (after I've practically thrown Sarah behind the bed) when Paul surprises me by coming home early...

And Sarah just had to make a little more mischief.

Hummmppph. :-)

Here's the frustrated teacher and the bratty schoolgirl. I love Sarah's expression -- "WTF do you want from me??"

Check out Paul's expression here -- ("Do I love my job? Oh HELL yeah!")

And just for the hell of it, here's another picture of Max, because he's so darn cute:

Keep your eye on Sarah's blog as well... she's got a whole lot of stuff going on, but I know she'll be writing about our adventures as well. (Oh, and psssssst... on February 5, somebody's having a birthday.) :-)

I'm still not fully back to reality yet. I can't believe I was there for only four-and-a-half days; we crammed so much into them. I'm waiting for a drop like I get after parties; hasn't happened so far, so maybe I'll get lucky and dodge it.

I do miss New Guy, though. Take good care, darlin'. :-)


  1. awwwwwww, love your captions and post. I am gonna go do a post now on our time together. It was soooooo much fun and I kept you in

  2. My god! You look MAHVELOUS DAHLING! Simply mahvelous! So does Sarah! You two have to be a great duo on film I bet! Both of you are like out of some actors repertory theatre! AND! All of those photos are just great! (including MAX!)

    So sorry NG is under the weather... I'm sure that will weaken him immensely for your next encounter... (ahhh, sighs, so sad)... such is life though.. Maybe he'll gain enough strength back by the time you get to meet up again .. that he'll be able to do you justice and not put himself to shame.. (snorts! LOLOLOL -thank god I don't live in Cali.. haha!)

    (sends a smooch off to Mr Itchy)

  3. Sarah -- yayyy! I'm so glad you liked it. :-D

    Have a blast in Ft. Lauderdale!

  4. Zelle -- oh yes, poor NG. He's going to be in such a weakened state next week, I'll have to go easy on him. NOT! (guffaw)

  5. OMG! These pics are awesome!

    Ahem, okay, I'll stop sounding like a teenage girl, but this is primo stuff. Love the twist of the WIFE hiring a pro.

    Looks like Sarah and Paul did some amazing work, and were spanking on all cylinders. Excellent!

    And Erica playing nervous, that is certainly casting against type.

    Hope new guy is feeling better soon, Erica, and you both can get back to normal.

  6. I would have thought you'd be the Domme in the schoolroom. But no, seems you and the pupil are both getting six of the best.

    Max is a cutie! DO you recall a video of Madonna's, where she is dressed in black leather, holding her chihuahua, and taps him on the bum with her riding crop? No wonder the poor pup had to go into therapy when Lourdes was born.


  7. Erica, you and Sarah look great bending over that desk. I especially like your outfit, that includes garter-belt and stockings. It enhances your bare bottom, when encased with these delectable, sexually exciting feminine undergarments.

  8. Erica do you know your photo's of that spanking shoot, you did in Connecticut recently is on a blog called OHQ5, listing dates of Feb 1st, and Jan 31st.

  9. Looks like a lot of excitement there! Yow!

  10. Hello my Erica your pics are totally AWESOME :-) I LOVED THEM. Sarah's expression on her face while she is sitting at her school desk is too funny hehehe, that is the kind of expression i would of had hehehe :-) you did a good job playing miss innocent with a nervous look on your face hehehe LOL.I am so sorry that NG is sick with a cold and you couldn't see him :-( but you will see him soon. i wish Max was my dog he is too CUTE, i am going to check out Sarah's blog to see if your on there yet. Love You big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  11. Michael -- interesting plots, huh? Boy, do I have you fooled, though. I'm actually quite the Nervous Nellie a lot of the time. Ask John. Ask Craig. Ask just about anyone. :-)

    Hermione -- Sarah came up with a very clever way for me to be toppy without actually topping, since I won't go there. (did once; never again!) Never saw that Madonna video! I wonder if her pup kinda liked those taps on the bum...

    Six -- no, I didn't know that. I really don't mind if people repost my pictures (I mean, it's a compliment), as long as they credit them or at least name the people in them.

    Craig -- yeah, we had a good blend of fun and silliness with our work! :-)

    Jade -- yup, Sarah wrote all about us! Isn't Max adorable? I have another picture to put up later, of him lying on my stomach.

  12. Great photos. Thanks so much for sharing. Your Star-Quality fully shines.

    Once again I am jealous of the people who get to spank you.


  13. Jon -- that's very sweet; thank you. :-)

  14. I am beginning to think you guys had waaaaaayyy to much fun out there . LOL ... Making Spanking films huh suuuuuuuurrrre you were . :-D

    Love the pics , hope your schedule gets back online soon.

    Take care

  15. Alan -- doesn't seem fair, does it? Hang out with wonderful people, get spanked lots, AND make money? I don't get to do it very often, so it's still a huge treat. :-)

  16. SEXY f@#$%!G Schoolroom scenes!!!
    Wow. You look fabulous. And I AM straight...but I constantly joke with my best friend and other women that I have an eyeglass fetish! :) Seriously, they look mega hot on you.

  17. Kelly -- (laughing) Really? Thank you... I hate having to wear the damn things. But I'm quite blind without them. And I never wanted to mess around with contacts.

  18. Damn, but you can rock a pair of glasses!

    Great photos, gorgeous girls!

  19. Yep. Really. On other women, though. I wore glasses for years, switched to several types of contacts...on to Lasik surgery about 11 years ago. Don't want an enhancement from that because light sensitivity is worse, vision sharpness declines with each "tune up" and so...back to contacts for this one. :(

  20. The glasses definitely make me "Hot For Teacher" !!!


  21. Pink -- (beaming) Thanks!

    Kelly -- the idea of Lasik surgery scares me; too many horror stories! (and yeah, I know, they are the exceptions)

    Jon -- LOL!

  22. Well, I cook- would you like me to send New Guy some chicken soup? We need him to get better soon. I hear there are storms in America and I was wondering if that was anything to do with your growing need of some time with him?
    Those pictures are wonderful. You are stunning and that dress is as cute as you say.
    And that dog! He is so snuggleable.

  23. Poppy -- that offer is so YOU -- adorable! :-) Hmmmmmm.... no, I don't think my need has the power to create violent snowstorms. But give me another week or so...

  24. Y'know, Erica, with all the deserved praise your lovely face and figure get, especially your deliciously sculpted butt, there seems to be an area of neglect: Gorgeous gams, gal!! WORK those miniskirts!!!

    So you and Sarah are branching out into new territory, eh? Whew! Those will hot sellers, for sure, and not to worry about the crack up, they can use everything up 'til then! Mel Brooks had to edit like that all the time!

    Well, speaking of cracks up (HAR!!) many thanks for the previews of Paul's presentations!

    My best to your fellers you keep wearing out! :-D
    They oughta up their Flintstones Chewables dose!!

  25. Dave -- ah, you always make me smile. Ummmm... no, no new territory, merely a tease. Hubby coming home put the kibosh on any potential WHEW stuff! ;-)

  26. Erica,

    Great pictures! Thanks for posting them. Sorry to hear NG is not feeling well. I hope he will be up to the job next Monday. Maybe your bum just needed a longer rest.....yeah, right!

    I hope John's itch will finally be resolved and he can get rid of that rash for good.

    BTW, I don't cook, either, or I would be willing to send NG some chicken soup. :-) I can see it now....gallons of chicken soup showing up at NG's door. LOL

  27. Bobbie Jo -- I really am a disgrace to my heritage, never having made chicken soup. NG will be no doubt be honored by all these offers! :-)

  28. Never made chicken soup! For shame. Why I even make Sangria with Manischewitz.

    I call it Mangri.


  29. That OHQ5 blog gives no credit or attribution for your pictures. It also causes a false security warning and threatens to download a file onto my PC. You can check it out via Bonnie's blogroll if you wish.

  30. Jon -- HA! I know, what can I say. I've never made a turkey either. My mother was very disappointed in me.

    Hermione -- who runs that OHQ5 blog, anyway? I looked and looked, but couldn't find anything on who's behind it. Actually, he/she did add credits after all. One picture is captioned "Because we all love Erica" plus a link to my blog, and the other is captioned "Erica Scott and Sarah Gregory." Very strange.

  31. Oh, I saw the caption, but not the link to your blog. Sorry.

    It's one of many Tumblr blogs that have popped up. Just anonymous picture blogs for those of us who are not word people.

  32. Zelle -- a guaranteed picker-upper! :-D

  33. I love the doggie pics, and of course the girl/girl pics with you and Sarah were hot as well. Nice. I'm glad you had a great time. Take care.

  34. Juju -- I really did have a wonderful time... they were so so good to me. :-)

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