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Monday, February 6, 2012

Takin' it for Cane-iac!

Recently, the good folks at Cane-iac wrote and asked if they could send me a few new things, so I could test and review them. Naturally, I said yes, without even asking what was coming my way.

Their package arrived late last week, and I opened it to find the Pink Stripe Rubber Loop Set (two sizes: 12" and 18") and the Lexan Paddle OTK, a 12" paddle sized perfectly for over-the-knee.

(gulp) Rubber? Lexan? I hadn't experienced Lexan before, and I'd heard it described in many colorful ways, from mild (it's not very forgiving) to strong (it sucks). But I was determined to be a brave spokesperson and put myself in ST's capable hands with these beasts beauties. After all, I do believe in this company and their product.

So tonight when ST arrived, I showed him the new toys (and watched his eyes light up, the sadist), and we talked about how we'd handle the testing. I remembered the last time I'd done a demo with their implements, ST had given me a nice long warmup, and as a result, I didn't get lasting color or any marks. Bravely I suggested that perhaps we should forego the warmup and go straight to the new implements. His eyes lit up even more and his grin was positively diabolical. Of course HE thought that was a good idea.

Off to the bedroom we went. I tried taking a "before" picture, holding all three implements, but as it turned out, they didn't show up well against my sweater:

So we did this type of before picture instead:

We decided to do 20 strokes of each toy per round, taking pictures in between.

He began with the Jr. (12") rubber loop, which is a great OTK toy. Without a warmup, the first round with the implements hurt like crazy, but I could still get a clear sense of how each one felt. The rubber loops were very snappy, more of a sting than a thud (which I like), and the loud CRACK they made was impressive. After 20 each of both the Jr. and the Sr. (18"), ST picked up the Lexan paddle.

Perhaps it's a good thing we weren't filming. Upon my first taste of Lexan, I used some language that would have been inappropriate for Cane-iac's site. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

Once I acclimated a bit, I realized it had a feel that's unlike leather or wood. It's not as thuddy as wood, even though it's more solid and firm than leather. It has a very crisp sting and a bite upon impact (this particular one is 1/4" thick). Cane-iac's Lexan paddle is well made, with smooth, rounded edges and a non-slip vinyl handle. ST wanted me to mention that it felt very good to him (rolling eyes) and it was easy to use.

Here I am after two rounds of 20 with all three (120 strokes total):

We're just getting started!

Time for another position -- instead of on the bed, now it was bent over a chair. By now, I was quite warm and that sweater had to go.

Third set of 20 with all three -- bit more color now. And I was stamping and fussing a lot more.

(Big thanks to Zelle for Photoshopping the damn tag out of my bra! ♥)

But wait, there's more! All three of these toys could be used OTK, even the 18" loop. So over his lap I went.

We stopped counted the sets of 20; he just whaled away at this point. ST takes his product testing duties very seriously.

After three positions and countless strokes, I'd say we'd done a good test, and all three implements passed, even the Lexan. Once I was warmed up, I sorta kinda didn't completely hate it. OK, I loved to hate it. Or I hated to love it. Something like that.

So now I have three new additions to my collection, and I would recommend these to anyone who wants something different from the usual. The prices are excellent, and you cannot beat Cane-iac's customer service or quality of craftsmanship.

My one caveat about the rubber loops? I would say exercise caution about using them anywhere you're concerned about noise, because they do make a distinctive and loud snap. But as I always say, if your neighbors don't hear an accompanying shriek, they can't say for sure what you're doing. So make sure you stifle your reactions with a pillow or bedspread and you should be fine.

Oh... did you think we were done?

Hell, no. I had to retrieve the rest of my Cane-iac arsenal.

I was so sore after all those, he even let me rub:

However, despite it all, I couldn't stop giggling. I tried to tell him it was hysteria, but he didn't buy it. I pushed him a bit too far with this pose -- you can't see it very clearly, but I have my middle finger stuck through the loop:

OK, OK! I'm sorry! Sheeesh... Some people have no sense of humor.

By the way, I broke my Junior rattan cane. I would have taken a picture of it, but we couldn't find the piece that flew off. Honest to god, we searched all over the bed, on the carpet, under the bed -- that damn thing just disappeared. Knowing me, I'll find it with my bare foot eventually.

Even without a warmup, I didn't mark. Scary. But ye gods, I'm sore. Happily so, though. I needed this tonight.

(Right, Erica. When do you not need it??)

Thank you, Cane-iac. And thank you, ST, Testing Partner Extraordinaire. :-)


  1. OMG! What a FUN Monday night! GREAT PICS! YOU look mah-velous dahlink! Wonderful job ST! Sure hope you find that missing piece before you hurt yourself by stepping on it!!!

    (ps.. removed the tag and sent you your pic!)

  2. Zelle -- thank you! Looks so much better without that stupid tag sticking out.

    Oh, I'm sure I'll find it sooner or later, once I stop looking for it. :-) I've missed you, girl!

  3. Ok. After trying out the last batch, which included those synthetic canes, as well as this nice assortment of toys. (I must have that lexan paddle!) When can we see you take a dance with the Dragons, Erica?

  4. Now Gurrlll, that's my kind of product testing. I stand in both awe and fear. You need to contact NASA.The Bionic Booty should be studied for heat and mark resistant qualities. Sweet Louise, I would be a tomato. with legs. and a big mouth. I digress.

    So glad you had fun.

  5. Loki -- good god, man. You trying to kill me? ;-)

    Newt -- how did you know my middle name? And yes, I should be a tomato with legs today. It's rather eerie!

  6. You know, I would have looked like a chunk of amethyst after something like that. LOL Yeah, there are a few "bionic" bottoms out there, but none quite like Erica!

    Good job! Cane-iac should be very happy.

  7. Bobbie Jo -- oh, I hope so! I sent them the link. :-)

  8. Some of my favorite Erica pictures ever!
    I was trying to come up with some wise ass remark like, "If you're not marked its because he isn't done yet, " but I know some of those impliments so I'll be nice.
    The Lexan paddles I have used in the past have even seasoned spankos howling very quickly. I bet that rubber stings wickedly as well!
    If they ever have a spanko hall of fame You and Kirri Kelly should be the first inducted!


  9. WOW Erica those impliment's look COOL :-)I would love to try all 3 that would be so much fun.I am happy that you and ST had another AWESOME Monday night :-)I thought the pic of you sticking your middle finger through the loop was so funny hehehe LMAO :-)I would of done the same thing LOL.Nice to see you back Zelle i missed you too :-)Much Love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  10. I would have sworn you had the makings of a white spot on the one cheek. I've seen Spanking Tube videos where women who got paddled with lexans bawled like crazy. It's an unknown implement to me at this point. Happy sore bum to you! :)

  11. Poppa -- Lexan is definitely not kind. But I still prefer it over thick and thuddy wood!

    Jade -- you do have to be prepared to pay the price for sticking that finger out, however. :-)

    Kelly -- I did have some white-spotting, briefly, but then it went away. I was still pink when I went to bed last night, though (around 1:00 a.m.), which is unusual.

  12. Hello Erica

    I have to admit that you give your all in product endorsements. I have wondered about cane-iac's products but not i have to order some and dig up someone to try them out on otherwise my own behind will be on the line.



  13. Emanuele -- do give them a try! I know I have a rep for ranting and complaining, but conversely, when I really like someone or something, I like to say so as well. :-D

  14. Great test! I am keen to get a lexan paddle but my wife doesn't share my enthusiasm!

  15. Darkdruid -- Gee! I wonder why? :-)

  16. Sounds like a fun night and wonderful pictures. I do like OTK implements and the Lexan paddle sounds perfect.

    Thanks Erica.


  17. Ronnie -- Lexan is also used in bullet-resistant windows and sports helmets. Fun facts to know. :-)

  18. I agree with Ronnie. "It's not as thuddy as wood, even though it's more solid and firm than leather." That sounds like my kind of implement, and Ron would love the loud sound. Maybe I'll go Caniac-ing...


  19. Hermione -- oh, do! Tell 'em Erica sent ya. :-D

  20. Sounds like some very interesting stuff! I don't usually hear good things about lexan either and being far from bionic, it's not on my list to try. There's a reason that my bottom inspired a new color to the Crayola line- Real-lea Purple!