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Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day ♥

So why does a cynical curmudgeon like me love Valentine's Day, you ask? Simple. It's that Late Bloomer thing again. Many, many Valentine's Days spent alone when I was young, gorging myself on See's Candy and crying. Hating all the damned ads and commercials, all the pretty displays in the malls. Feeling like Charlie Brown. ("I know nobody loves me; why do we have to have Valentine's Day to emphasize it?")

Then I met John... and I've loved Valentine's Day ever since. :-) Yeah, I know it's commercial. I don't care.

My sweetie is still sick and injured, but he sent me roses -- a whole week early! He figured I'd be more surprised that way, and I was. I'm hoping we can celebrate this coming weekend, if he feels better.

But in the meantime, I had a lovely time tonight with my toppy Valentine, ST. He had quite the nice surprise for me as well.

After he arrived and sat down, he pulled over his toy bag and started unzipping it. Hmmm; guess we're going to skip the small talk, huh? But then he said, "Well, what have we here?" and he pulled out a bright red Frederick's of Hollywood shopping bag. !!!!

I love Frederick's. VS is nice, but I like Frederick's so much more. Looking inside the bag, I first noticed a package of black thigh-high stockings, fishnet, with a seam up the back and lace tops. Gorgeous! There was also something bundled in black tissue paper, which I eagerly opened. Ohhhh, my. It was a red-and-black lace corset, with black spaghetti straps and garters attached.

I've never had a corset, so this was another first for the late bloomer. I've tried them on, but I never would let John buy me one, protesting that they're too expensive. I'd make jokes, saying I enjoyed breathing. But this was exquisite. Came with a little matching g-string, too. The kind of thing I'd ooh and aah at dreamily in a store window, but would never buy for myself.

We did have a little comedy of errors getting me into my new outfit, however. Too bad we didn't film it; it was pretty hilarious. This corset has the usual lacing up the back, but unlike some others, it doesn't open in the front. So the only way to get it on was over my head. Unfortunately, it was a size small. I'm flattered, but it was too small. I may be thin, but I'm tall and I have wide shoulders. So, the wrestling began. I was determined to wear it tonight anyway.

ST loosened the lacing as much as possible, and then I pulled it over my head. I stood with my arms straight up while ST yanked and pulled, but it wouldn't budge. He managed to get it loosened just a bit more, then tugged down on it, tugging and tugging (and cracking me up with his grunting noises) until finally it went down past my shoulders and over my torso. Then he tightened the lacing. There was a several-inch gap when it was pulled as tight as he could get it, but it still looked spectacular.

And then the fishnet stockings! Those fit perfectly, and I recruited ST to snap the garters in place for me (those were rather uncooperative and took several attempts). But at last, I slipped on some heels, and voila:

Isn't it lovely? That was worth the work to get it on me! I feared I wouldn't be able to get it back off, but we put that aside for the time being. After all, we had other things to do.

We kept it simple tonight, implement-wise. Of course, we had to use the heart-shaped paddle that he made for me last Valentine's Day. He also wanted to draw hearts on my bottom with eyeliner or a Sharpie and then fill them in with reddened flesh, but I nixed that idea. (insert eye-roll here) Along with the paddle, just a couple of his straps plus the leather spanking buddy. No canes tonight. And mostly OTK, although I took a fair amount of strapping while bending over/kneeling on the bed.

You know why he was spanking me? Because I was wearing naughty clothes. "You bought me those naughty clothes!" I protested. "Yes, but you didn't have to wear them! I was just testing you!" Oh, brother.

Not much banter tonight, once I settled down and stopped giggling. I felt sexy and sensual and my body relished every stroke deeply. I went so far into subspace, he didn't even ask me to count the final flurry. He knew I wouldn't be able to.

Bliss. ♥

Of course, once we wound down and had uploaded the photos from his camera, it was time for Operation Remove Corset. It was actually a little easier than it had been getting it on; he loosened the ties, had me raise my arms over my head and then he yanked upward. Yank-yank-yank, and then it gave way and popped off. He's going to take it back and exchange it for a medium. (OK, so I wore it a couple of hours. Sue me. :-Þ I was freshly showered!)

I had a little heart-shaped box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates for him, which I gave him as he was leaving. Sweets for a very sweet man.

To everyone who celebrates it, happy Valentine's Day. For those who would just as soon bypass it, happy Tuesday. I'm going to spend my afternoon squirming in the dentist's chair, and making him wonder why I'm smiling. :-)


  1. You look gorgeous in that beautiful corset, Erica! :-) Happy Valentine's Day to you! And good luck with the dentist.

    Unfortunately I will have to spend the day without Ludwig. The ultimate drawback of living in a long-distance relationship. :-( But luckily we are going to be reunited soon! :-)

  2. You look really good in a corset. Happy Valentines.

  3. I know there's a law somewhere... that forbids a person from hoarding all the great men, (snorts! Roses and corsets! sheesh! You're so spoiled!) In the interest of keeping you on track, I'll just have to find that statute in the Spankoholic's Handbook. (Don't hold your breath, this may take awhile.)

    I don't think I've ever seen you look SO STUNNING in an outfit! That beautiful hosiery, and the red and black of the corset suits you to a tee! I see that ST had the good sense to find you one that he could use as his "color palette" for your bottom. (heehee)

    May you, John, ST, and ALL YOUR FABULOUS READERS, have a stupendous day - EVERYDAY!

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous. Happy Valentine's Day Erica. Hope the visit to the dentist goes well and John is feeling better.


  5. Hey Zelle- right? Erica, Looking good Gurl! Smokin up the monitor!
    You deserve all that love and more. Happy Vday!

  6. You totally ROCK that ensemble, girl! I've got experience with corsets, but not of the sexier nature in which they are usually presented! Being a historical re-enactor, the old time corsets are what I am familiar with!

    Altho, looking at the back of that thing, you had it waaaay too loose! The strings are supposed to be pulled so tightly that the fabric on either side in the back should be touching! Of course, most people like to be able to breathe!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you guys!!


  7. WOW Erica,You look ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL in that corset :-)that was so nice of ST to buy you that :-)He is so SWEET.Happy Valentine's Day to you and John,The rose's he sends you are alway's BEAUTIFUL,I hope he feel's better very soon he is a sweet man too.Good luck at the dentist have fun squirming in your chair hehehe LOL.Much Love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  8. You look amazing in that outfit! Happy Valentine's day. :D

  9. What a beautiful corset. You look stunning in it.


  10. Kaelah -- damn! But you do have a sweet reunion to look forward to. May it be very soon.

    OBB -- thanks! :-)

    Zelle -- I guess I AM kinda spoiled, huh? (sheepish)

    I love red and black together; ST couldn't have chosen a better ensemble.

    Ronnie -- well, the dentist is for a cleaning, but also to monitor the gum recession thing. Fingers crossed that it hasn't progressed.

    Newt -- and then there's you, having birthdays and getting engaged and all! Lovely!

    Sarah -- believe it or not, he'd pulled the strings as tightly as they could go! I was already feeling the breathing strain and it was digging into my armpits. It was simply too small on me. A medium should be perfect.

    Jade -- they are both sweet men and I am a lucky woman indeed. :-)

    Alex -- thanks, sweetie! The same to you.

  11. Hermione -- whoops; you posted as I was posting. Thank you! :-)

  12. Erica, you look so beautiful!
    I think you deserve to be so adored.
    (I am now regretting my lack of run and Chinese meal for dinner- oh well, tomorrow is another day and all that.)

  13. Poppy -- thank you, sweetness! As do you.

  14. Like Rod Stewart says, "You wear it well!"

  15. Kelly -- I try! Thank you. :-)

  16. Once again I must say I am jealous of the men who get to spank such a beautiful, sexy, fun, and smart woman. You make those garments special. Not the other way around.


  17. You look so awesome. I hope John feels better soon.

  18. Jon -- what a lovely thing to say. :-)

    joey -- oh, I hope so too!

  19. Erica,

    You are simply glowing and lovely.

  20. Erica, you made my Valentine's Day a special one. Thank you, you adorable adorable cutie. What a beautiful, sexual. erotic, feminine outfit. If that 'one million best selling book of yours, had those photo's of you on its cover, you would be the world's top 'spanking model'. I'm proud of you. 'bei mir biest du schein' XXX Luv ya,

  21. Hi Erica,

    Wow. That looks like the right size to me! Your beautiful smile says it all.

    Big V-Day Hugs,

  22. Bobbie Jo -- thank you, dear. :-)

    Six -- million selling? From your lips (fingers?) to the buyers' ears/eyes! :-) Thank you so much.

    Bonnie -- I hope you and your Valentine had a beautiful day!

  23. Wait, is there something wrong with gorging oneself on See's Candy? I <3 Sees. :-)

    You look great in that outfit! I hear awful things about the difficulty of wearing garters and stockings, but they look lovely on.

  24. DEEElectable! Delightful! Delicious! De-lovely!

    I'm glad you had a fine Valentine's, Erica, and thank you for this lusciously illustrated post!

    And I'm eager to hear that John is recovered and running around again!

    Hey, I bet whoever gets that size-too-small corset exchange will put it on, feel the lingering magic and want a good spanking! Even if she wasn't into it before!

    Hm-- I wonder if Corset Shop Persons read your blog?

  25. Lea -- absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. I'd share my See's with you!

    Garters and stockings are a bit tricky to put on and get just right -- it helps when you have someone helping you. :-)

    Wolfie -- LOL! Well, if the salesperson at Frederick's reads it, I'm busted!

  26. Glad you had a happy Valentine's day! The outfit is beautiful. I hope the store has it in a medium for you!

  27. Dana -- I hope so too! I'm just glad we didn't tear it, what with all the wrestling and struggling to get it on and off of me.

  28. Erica

    Totally outstanding and beautiful outfit and to paraphrase Will Smith "You make this look good"! Happy post V day.

    XX OO