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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shadow Lane party, Part 3 (Saturday)

Before I get into Saturday afternoon/evening, I have a couple of tidbits I forgot from Friday.

When J and I got to the hotel, we unloaded the car and straggled through the hotel lobby with most of our stuff (two trips were required). Once at the registration desk, I became aware that after over four hours of sitting in the car, I had a major wedgie going on. So, while J did the checking-in process, I idly slipped my fingers into the back of my shorts and grabbed at the waistband of the offending underwear, attempting to flick the material from between my butt cheeks. I know, I know... real classy! Then I heard a voice boom in my ear, "Keep your hands out of your pants!" I turned around and there was Fireman Chris, grinning at me. I gave him a big hug... and that, ladies and gentleman, was my first greeting of the weekend. Oy vey. :-)

Also, forgot to mention that several of the ladies of Northern Spanking entertained us with a song-and-dance routine in the ballroom. They were excellent! I love these people; they have such positive spirit and just seeing them makes you smile. Oh, and Lucy and Paul brought their baby boy, who was so beautiful. When I first saw him in his stroller, I crouched down to get a closer look. He was sound asleep, and I couldn't resist lightly touching his soft baby hair with the back of one finger. Without waking up, he reached up and swatted my finger away like it was a pesky fly! Sooooo cute...

Anyway, back to Saturday afternoon. After the shoot, I first went back to our room to change into shorts, and then I headed for the SSNY suite, which was having a party from 11 to 5. That room was packed and I found J there. I did a scene with Jon (JSpanks on FetLife), whom Craig had dubbed BonJovi because he is a musician and has a similar look to the rock star. What a cutie! After that, I was sitting on the couch talking and Mike Tanner (of the SSNY Tanner Reformatory) approached me and said I couldn't leave Las Vegas without experiencing the "Family Strap."

I'd heard of this strap -- it's quite legendary at these parties. And I admit, I was a little bit scared at the thought of it. I knew the challenge of it was to take full-on belt strikes, and while I'm partial to being strapped, I wasn't sure how I felt about taking this particular strap, especially on a party weekend when I had so many other scenes I wanted to do. However, my curiosity won out over my trepidation, especially since Mike was so nice.

He took me into the bedroom and said I could choose a number between 2 and 20. Our friend CO Carolyn had taken the full 20, but she has a tolerance that is far beyond anything I've ever had. So I played it safe and said I'd take 5. Funny -- he'd shown me the strap beforehand. I'd expected it to be this big, thick, monstrous thing, but it looked like an ordinary belt to me. Looks are deceiving... ohhhhhh my, that strap hurt. He spaced out the strikes, though -- gave me plenty of time to recover between each one. And after I'd taken all five, he gave me a very nice compliment; stood behind me and said, "I could just stand back here and look at this for about 24 hours." :-)  He said I had beautiful red stripes and I would have liked a picture, but naturally, I left my camera in our hotel room. Someone took a cell phone photo, but those don't usually come out very well. If it gets sent to me and it looks halfway decent, I'll post it.

From what I've heard, many people mark from the Family Strap. However, even though I felt it for a while, the redness faded almost immediately. Oh well.

We stayed for a while after that, watching some funny "instructional" videos that SSNY had shot, complete with Jules narrating in a cheesy, soothing voice like the ones you used to here in those old high-school instructional reels. Then at 4:15, we headed back to our room -- it was nap time.

At 6:00, I woke up, showered and washed my hair. I'd bought a dress super cheap at Tar-Jhay -- a simple shift dress, form-fitting cotton/spandex, gray with skinny black stripes, scoop neck and cut low in the back. I couldn't wear my usual boyshorts under it because they made lines, so I wore a little gray thong and a gray bra with padded cups. After I got myself into all this, I stared in the mirror and had a "What the hell was I thinking" moment. Who was I kidding with this dress?? It was meant for a 20-year-old! And horizontal stripes? With nervously shaking hands, I managed to blow-dry my hair and put on makeup, got my shoes buckled on. J put on his suit and looked smashing as always, and after he took a few pictures of me in my dress, I shooed him out ahead of me to go down to the ballroom and get us a table. It took me several minutes after he left to get up the nerve to leave the room. I figured, OK. I'm either going to look hot, or I'm going to look like a damned old fool trying to be a teenager.

Here you go, Jade... 'cause I promised:

I made it to the ballroom, of course, and relaxed once I was there and got positive feedback. We got a table right by the dance floor, and were joined by Danny and Sophie, Chelsea and Larry, Mir, Norm, Jada, and Andy. The buffet was marvelous; all sorts of healthy goodies, including my favorite, salmon. I ate very lightly at dinner, saving room for dessert -- Shadow Lane always gets spectacular desserts and this year was no exception. There were several cakes, including chocolate fudge and German chocolate cake. I love the latter, but this time, I opted for the former. Damn, that was good.

J and I danced, and Craig asked me to dance as well. I wandered about the ballroom, visiting with others, oohing and aahing over the clothes. The theme for Saturday night was "Mad Men" and some people really looked amazing.

Later in the evening, it was time for another round of suite parties. As on Thursday and Friday nights, Tom opened his suite to us once again and it was action-packed. I stood around talking with CO Carolyn, AZ Carolyn, Iggy and others. CO Carolyn, that brat, had had the nerve to buy a couple of ginormous rice paddles, bring them to the party and give them to tops, including Craig. "What's wrong with you?" I screeched. "How could you give tops implements like that? Where's your spanking sister solidarity?" She just kept repeating, "They were only $4.99! $4.99!" Over and over, as if that was a good excuse. I told her I didn't give a f*** if they cost 49 cents; she was evil for bringing them! Of course, she just laughed at me and repeated once again, "$4.99, Erica!" Arrrrggghhh!

I did my third scene with Craig in the bedroom; Jenni Mack was on the other bed being caned by Miss Chris. Once again I sassed him relentlessly, and I got to experience that @#$%ing rice paddle for my troubles. Damn, that thing sucked! I screamed and kicked and nearly clipped Miss Chris with my heel. "Have a little respect for Miss Chris," Craig said. "You almost kicked her!" "I have plenty of respect for Miss Chris!" I snapped back. "I just don't have any for you!" As always, our scene had wonderful energy and we played well off each other.

I had written in my Florida Moonshine report that I'd played with Strict Dave, and he and his lovely partner Stacy had come to their first SL party. So I was quite eager to play with him again. He asked if this time, instead of the sensation play with various implements, if I'd like to do more of a discipline-type scene with a roleplay, and I was game.

He thought for a few minutes, then came up with the scenario that he was my boss and I'd been caught using the company computer to surf spanking sites. OK, I could do that. So we had some improvised dialogue and then went into the punishment, a brief but hard strapping. Hot stuff! Dave is so good at what he does.

Later, I did a lovely hand-spanking scene with my friend David. That brought me up to 10, and that was it for play for me, that night. But the evening wasn't over by a long shot. Such a blur of activity and socializing, so many people! When 901 shut down, we ended up in 660, which was hosted by Paul (known as Tubaman on the various boards). He was a sweet host and asked to have a picture taken with me, and I happily obliged. Lots of familiar faces there, including pretty Sarah Gregory and Fineous, a great guy I've played with three times before and a Flogger Extraordinaire. He asked me if I was up for a flogging, but I was too wiped out by then and asked him to please, please find me tomorrow.

Craig had left the party to go do a private scene, but he said he'd be back in about a half-hour and asked us to wait for him. But by 3:10 a.m., he hadn't come back and I couldn't wait any longer... I was falling asleep sitting up. So we left, intending to text him, but then we ran into him in the hall, so all worked out and we got to say goodnight in person.

Back in our room, after chowing down on some peanuts and a couple of Pepperidge Farms Chesapeake cookies, I brushed my teeth, washed my face and fell into bed, feeling wonderfully drowsy and sore, welcoming J's comforting arms.

Part 4 (Sunday) coming tomorrow.


  1. Wow.. marvelous right up! And woman.. you look incredibly sexy in that horizontal striped dress! God that figure of yours is just smokin'! You had nothing to stress about ... ya big goof!

    Way to go with the Family strap! I'd have had trouble saying ttuuuhhhh-twwwoooo... LOL

    Hugs to J.. he's such a great partner supporting you like he does. Did he get to play at all as well?

  2. oh crap... that's.. "write up" (oy vey).. it's late.. very late.. and I've not been to bed yet! rofl.. can't sleep. grrr..

  3. i stand by my previous comment!!!!

    you look great!!!!! at least 2/3 of the 16 year olds out there wish they looked as hot as you do.

    and what's going on here??? i hold off on emails to give you time for r&r and you write books!!!!

    zelle didn't seem to mind my last email so both of you can hover in fear of my next one!!!



  4. "munching m&m's" Dang girl you do look nice in stripes . Wish I could have seen the ones from the behind as well :-)

  5. Hello my Erica you look stunning in your dress you are very beautiful thanks for putting it on here for me :-) the show that the northern spanking girls put on was called Shakey Ass, i love that song Amy Hunter wrote it she is very talented and puts on a good performance just like you do my awesome Erica, no wonder you forgot to write me on myspace you were busy writing this amazing blog.Love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  6. Zelle -- yes, J is amazing. He almost never plays at these parties, but he socialized lots.

    ddon -- I always write books after I come home from party weekends. Can't help it; it's in my blood and I want to get it recorded while it's fresh. :-D

    Alan -- J took a couple of shots from the side as well, but they didn't come out. Booooo!

    Jade -- honey, I DID write to you on MySpace; stupid site must have eaten the message. Arrrggh! I'm sorry. I'm glad you liked the picture.

  7. "" Alan -- J took a couple of shots from the side as well, but they didn't come out. Booooo!""

    " raises oney eyebrow and grins "

    UHH HUHH Me thinks J is just being stingy with the pretty pics lolololol

  8. Erica, reading your recounting of my greeting made me laugh so hard! When I saw you standing there, it was just TOO good of an opportunity to pass up. Glad it was a memorable first greeting.

  9. Chris -- talk about busted! LOL Your timing was priceless!

  10. Okay, okay--make me feel bad for "abandoning" you why don't you! What? You want me to get more personal service from Strict Dave's court? Sheesh!

    Oh! And you forgot my favorite comment of the evening, when I asked you at dinner if John had a hard time painting that dress on you! Grrrr....

  11. Craig -- Silly! I didn't feel abandoned, so chill, will ya? :-D Ooooh! yes, I'd forgotten that comment. John did NOT help with anything regarding preparations... as I recall, it was hard to do my hair and makeup with him all over me in the bathroom. I think that dress did something to him.

  12. you look amazing in that dress! also these party reports have been great to read.

  13. by the way, I am Sierra, just a reader of spanking not a participant and I like your blog! (I am not the spanking model)

  14. Sierra -- Hi, and welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. I love happy readers. :-)

  15. Wotta Dish!!

    Adding the striped-dress-displaying-that-delectably-curvy-figure-to-its-best-advantage, fabulous-legs-crossed, all-that-is-Erica-smile to my list of favorite pictures.

  16. Hi Erica

    Did like the horizontal striped dress you do look great - and it does show off your curves and such a pose.
    You look like you are all ready to go...yes!
    I do know what you are thinking...!