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Monday, September 13, 2010

Part 1 of Richard Windsor interview up!

Since I was a such a jabber-puss, my interview will be in two parts. Part 1 is on SpankingTube, here. The lighting is quite dark, unfortunately, but the sound is crisp and clear.

I hope you guys will watch and enjoy! And if you do, please do leave a rating and perhaps a comment. Part 2 should be up sometime tomorrow.

"Very famous spanking actress," Rich? :-D  Shucks. Thank you, sweetie.

Oh, and here is Richard's blog post about it as well.


  1. Thank god for Cosmo!

    You are as well-spoken as you are well-written. (I left a rating and will definitely watch Part 2.)

    Nice job, Erica and Richard!

  2. That was too cute! I voted and commented as well! Ready for part 2!! Also ready to order that Keith Jones Trilogy now too! LOL

  3. Just watched it! It was really entertaining.

  4. pink -- I know, right? Cosmo definitely changed my life! LOL

    Zelle -- I saw your comment; thank you! (beaming) Yeahhhh, that trilogy was quite the piece of work.

    iggy -- glad you liked it! Jeez, I'm a chatterbox...

  5. Erica, part one of your video is so good... except that it doesn't mention me. I'd better all over part 2!

    Also, you really have to see Sophie's very cute video with Paul...,-starring-Sophie-Gray!

    And also our new trailer, in which Sophie says "Do I have to?" Guess what my answer is! No, really, guess.

  6. Danny -- you ARE in part 2, sweet pea. I talk about our video. :-)

    And I watched that trailer -- you big meanie! What is it with you and making girls take their clothes off?

  7. Hello my Erica as you know i watched your video i loved it you were FABULOUS.spankingtube would not let me leave a comment but you know i would rate it way more than 5 stars i would give it a 100 stars :-)i can't wait to see part 2 WAY TO GO GIRL.but i did leave a comment on Richards website for everyone to read.Zelle is right the Keith Jones trilogy is awesome i want to buy those dvd's too.Love you big hugs you did GREAT YAY. from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  8. Jade -- thank you, dear. I'm happy you enjoyed it.

  9. i eatched the interview on rw's blog b4 you posted. then sleep slipped in.

    it was perforce wonderfull. i went to spank tube and got a virus warning so i'll rate it here: content 10, video quality poor but it isn't richards or your fault he got stuck with a bad webcam.



  10. Text talk is covered in part 2 :-)

    Actually the video quality was my fault. The camera is more than good enough, I just made the foolish mistake of having the lights behind US, instead of behind the camera. Live and learn.

  11. ddon -- glad you liked it.

    Rich -- y'know, it's fine. The sound is great and that's the most important part of an interview. :-)

  12. Excellent interviewer and interviewee. No
    M & M's were abused here I see.

    Wow Erica, umm excuse me "Miss Cast Iron Bottom"! You seemed to be sitting too comfortably. :)

    I cannot believe how much you look and sound like Cher in the video. Great genetics no matter how f@#$ing old you are!

    And I really think the industry should reconsider the age limitations for female spankees. Many women are just plain hot looking ESPECIALLY by age 40 and beyond. To me the only people who would know the official numbers often times are the spankee and her employer anyway.

  13. Kelly -- well, it was Friday night; I hadn't really played yet. ;-)

    Thank you so much for the kind words. Cher, really? Funny, I just don't see it. Wish I could afford all her cosmetic surgery!