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Friday, August 3, 2012

Hey, that looks familiar

Happy Friday and congratulations to all who were Chrossed today. I was not, but I didn't expect to be. It was an ST-less week, after all. My adventures with him always seemed to be the Chross fodder. (sigh)

So I did what I do every Friday when the "Spankings of the Week" post comes out -- I clicked on each selection, one by one, viewing the various pictures and stories that made the cut. This week, the top entry on the list was entitled "Glowing Result." Imagine my surprise when this popped up.

Even if I didn't recognize that bottom as my own, I'd certainly recognize that ugly old couch! LOL

I'm flattered. It's not often that I turn up on these photoblogs, at least not to my knowledge. And I noticed as I looked down the list of Notes, several people reblogged the picture on their own photoblogs. So now this photo is all over the place. (I admit, I cringed when I saw some of the sites where it ended up, but that's beside the point.)

My point is, it's never credited. And neither are a whole lot of the other pictures on these things. I constantly see my friends from videos strewn about the Tumblrs and so forth, with no identification whatsoever.

I know that most of the photobloggers are not to blame. These pictures get passed around, copied and recopied, posted and reposted, and no one knows where they came from (unless the people in them are fully recognizable as known professional models). But somewhere along the line, someone had to take that photo from its original source. In my case, this photo was on my blog. It would have been very easy to link back to it.

What's especially annoying is that on these photo sites, one can "Like" the photo or "Reblog" it, but there is no option for posting a comment. So one can't say, "Hey, that's me," or "Hey, that's so-and-so from such-and-such."

There are plenty of photobloggers who DO credit their sources, whenever possible. And if they can't, they say so, and ask people to tell them if they recognize where they're from. I wish all would follow this lead and do the same.

Please don't misunderstand me -- like I said, I'm thrilled that someone thinks my photos are attractive enough to repost. (Especially when I appear amid a collection of women half my age!) But I think I can speak for all my fellow exhibitionists/models/whatever we are when I say, please give credit where credit is due. Especially when the photos are professional and the site/production company/whatever would appreciate the traffic.

Enough of that. In other news, I actually got some good news this week. The proofreading test I took a couple of weeks ago? I'm one of the 2% who passed it. The company called me and said I'd found things that most people missed; not just the obvious errors, but the little sneaky ones. Like "Popsicle" not having a registration mark. They would like to work with me, and will be sending me my first batch of work probably mid-month. I don't think there's much money in this and it will be infrequent, but it's a new client. Another one to add to the resume. Another chance to prove myself and my skills. It's been a while.

I find myself in a tenuous place, somewhere in the middle of mourning and accepting losses, and moving forward into new possibilities. It's strange and disorienting; I don't like unknowns. I like safety and sameness, which flies in the face of what life is, so you'd think I'd be used to this discomfort by now, this yo-yo of emotions, with both tears and laughter bubbling beneath the surface.

We'll see what next week brings. But for now, I'm going to crawl into the comfort that is John for a while. Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. Way to go with the new job woman! :) Is there a market for book editing on Amazon or other places you could inquire?

    The ONLY time I like change is when I'm certain beforehand that I will benefit from it. I hate upheaval and disruption. And I'M comfortable knowing I'll never be an ambitious corporate go-getter! :)

  2. I wonder if a digital watermark might help? I agree about photoblogging. I don't "read" those because as you say, they are the same pictures over and over. I like the textual part better anyway.

    Congrats on the job! Hope it goes well and that you enjoy your comforting weekend.

  3. Kelly -- that's a thought. When I was working with CreateSpace for my book, one of the services they offered (for a fee, of course) was proofreading/copyediting. Perhaps I could look into the self-publishing companies.

    Ana -- they do tend to be the same shots over and over, don't they. Ideally, I enjoy a blend of pictures and text.

  4. Congratulations, Erica, on having passed the test! :-)

    Concerning the picture: Funnily, I wanted to write a post exactly about the same topic (not about your picture but about copyright infringement on Tumblr blogs)! I recently found some of Ludwig's and my pictures on Tumblr blogs and I also realised the problem that often no credit was given. Our new pictures all have a watermark and by now I have replaced the old ones with watermarked pictures as well.

    The funny (or sad) thing is that there seems to be some kind of codex of honour between Tumblr bloggers – they reblog pictures and give credit to the Tumblr blogger who was the first one to post a certain picture, instead of opening a new thread. But there doesn't seem to be any understanding that it would be nice to show those who have created the photos (and often invested a lot of time) the same kind of respect. The problem is, the majority of Tumblr bloggers seem to assume that it is the job of those who have taken pictures to find out that their photos have been used without their permission.

    I have developed a strategy on how to deal with that which I wanted to write about. I didn't know when to publish the post, though (I have several ideas for posts and didn't know which to use first). But now, I have almost written the whole post when I tried to write this comment. So I guess instead of posting a huge comment, I will simply publish a separate post on the issue tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration and for having helped me with my decision which topic to cover next! :-)

  5. Kaelah -- always happy to be the inspiration for one of your inspiring posts! :-)

  6. Congrats on the gig! That's gonna be helpful, no doubt!

  7. There is a way to get your attribution comments visible in a Tumblr "notes" stream, but it takes another Tumblr. Then you just reblog the pic one more time, but write an attribution comment (including links if you like) when you do it.

    Doesn't make the Tumblr ecosystem any less annoying, but it can be kind of fun.

  8. YAY ERICA,You passed the test i am so happy for you :-)CONGRATS on the new job :-)YOU ROCK GIRL.I don't like the unknown either :-( and i hate discomfort,I know i should be used to it too but it is something i will alway's not like or want.Wishing you and John a wonderful and relaxing weekend.Much Love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade

  9. Craig -- thanks. Not sure how much work there will be, but everything helps.

    Dan -- more tangles in the Web! That's an interesting solution, though. :-)

    Jade -- no one likes it (well, not the BAD kind of discomfort, anyway). I tend to do better if I accept it rather than fighting it, but that's difficult sometimes.

  10. Well done on the work front...

    As for the picture- digital watermarking is easy and there is plenty of easy to use freeware out there. I have had to do that for Vanilla photos of where I live!

  11. Erica, Congrats on the photo, also congrats, on your new job. May it be the start of possible, TONS, and TONS, of work for you?. XXX Luv.

  12. Congratulations on the new Erica, great news.

    Enjoy the weekend.


  13. lb -- I guess I could think about doing that. Never thought it was necessary, but apparently, I was mistaken!

    Six -- I hope so. I could really use it!

    Ronnie -- nah, I'm still the same old Erica. ;-)

  14. That's one reason I don't post a whole lot of pictures. There is so much out there online or that can be copied from blogs and the like, but it rarely says where it came from. If I do include pics in my post, I try to only choose ones that I know where it came from and can credit it so.

    P.S. I've worked out my rooming arrangements so will be a sure thing for Shadow Lane! This is my first time going there so I'm a bit nervous of not knowing many compared to my usual group. Hope I get a chance to say hello to you!

  15. Hi Erica,

    I was wondering... Is this you? How about this one? Thank you.


  16. Hi Erica,

    Sorry I messed up the links. The photos are here and here.


  17. Lea -- most of the pics I post are my own, but I try my best to credit anything else if I know the source (or who it is). And yes, absolutely, if you see me, please come say hello! :-) Margaret and Tom often come to SL, so perhaps you'll see them too.

    Fred -- nope. The first one is Laurence Selden and Chelsea Pfeiffer (I think that might be from a Shadow Lane video), and the second one is Dallas with someone I don't recognize.

  18. I'm actually staying in their suite, so yep I'll be seeing them. It'll be nice to have a few familiar faces around and I hope to meet many more online friends in person. :-)

  19. Congrats on landing the job, Erica! That's awesome! Now the pressure is on to proofread my comments before publishing them. :)

    Sucks about the photo... I try to use my own as well, but will make better efforts to correct any that aren't mine. Good reminder.


  20. SC -- Ha! Not to worry, as far as poking fun at typos is concerned, my friends are off limits (well, most of the time, anyway). ;-)

  21. amen to photo credits... (one reason I took a bunch down)

  22. Congratulations on the new client Erica :-)
    And I agree with regards to the photo credit issue btw.