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Monday, August 9, 2010

So far, so good

I'm liking this so far. I figured out how to add a photo, but I don't see any way to adjust the size of it, so y'all will just have to put up with me being larger than life at the top of the page. :-)

I miss a couple of things from MySpazz blogs -- 1) the ability to reply to each comment individually (which they just removed anyway), and 2) the emoticons. No big deal. I will be dropping in to check comments often, so I'll keep up with them more or less as they come in.

Any comments about the look of the place? Is it readable? I tried to keep in mind what people have said about the font being too small, the colors being unreadable, etc.

Per Todd and Suzy's most excellent advice, I've checked "No" on the Adult Content setting, so people won't get that stupid warning every time they log in to the blog. Instead, I put a warning at the top of the page. Blogspot-savvy folks -- will this be OK? I don't want to get kicked off here because I didn't designate this blog as adult.

I have seven followers already! I have so, so much to learn about feeds and RSS and backlinks and all this other techno-crap I am hopelessly ignorant about. But at least I made a start.

A word about comments: I love hearing from you! The usual blah blah blah about no flaming, keep it respectful and civil, etc. applies. I may act like a brat on occasion (I can see you rolling your eyes out there), but this isn't a brat board.

Any of you want to be added to my blog list, please let me know. Don't forget, if you have my blog on your list already, please update the link.

Again, all the archives of the past five years are intact on the old MySpace page. In the future, I may repost some of the classics. Or not. We'll see.

Thanks to Richard Windsor for posting about my new blog, and to Sandy and Zelle for tweeting about it! (insert big cheery grin emoticon here)


  1. Hi Erica,

    Make that 8 followers! Welcome to Blogger! The blog looks great.

    About comments, there's a place in the setup where you can request to be notified of any new comment, so you don't have to keep on checking for them. It's in Dashboard, Settings, Comments, way down at the bottom. Type in your email address and you'll get scads of mail!


  2. Thanks, Hermione! I will do that. I do like to acknowledge each individual comment as much as possible -- I did that on MySpace. Readers like to know they are appreciated!

  3. Reading through all of the comments posted to your initial post here felt like a breath of fresh air was coming in the open window. I guess a lot of people were so fed up with MySpace that they stopped following your blog there. Hope this one stays more interactive. And I like the larger than life photo greeting us when we stop by!

    I am also not a computer savvy person. Is there a way to sign up to get notice when you've posted a new blog here?

  4. There are ways to adjust the image size - primarily before you upload it. If you want, email it to me and I can adjust it.

    As for the adult content warning: this is one reason many bloggers move away from blogspot. Eventually they'll force the warning onto you without your control, it's virtually inevitable. Especially with photos. No biggie though, they can't legally kick you off unless you break their TOS, otherwise you're protected by freedom of speech.

  5. I'm glad you started another blog. I too became fed up with MySpace a long time ago. I hope this is a little easier for you. xoxo. Veronica

  6. With the layout of your blog the way it is, I actually don't see a problem with the picture size. Everyone knows there is a post to scroll down to and I think it looks pretty good.

    On the subject of warning pages, and I don't want to give too much away because even I have haters :-) But the thing that I did on blogspot was to remove the top bar, you know, the one where it says "Report Abuse" :-)

    Like many others on here, there will be a wealth of us who can offer you advice regarding blogspot, but you seem to have a pretty good handle on things already.


  7. 11th! Keep up the postings. Love to read them.

  8. As far as pictures go: the bigger the better ;-)

  9. Pam -- that's a very good question, and I have no idea what the answer is! One of the many things I need to learn. When I figure it out, I will let you know, promise.

    Marie -- thanks for that info. I do know how to shrink a photo, so it's good to know I have to do so before I post it here.

    Rich -- thank you. As long as people don't think the photo is too much, I guess I'll leave it as is. Ack! I hope I don't have haters, but I guess time will tell...

    Paul -- good, 'cause I'll keep posting them.

    Al -- hah! I'll keep that in mind. :-)

    Veronica! Good to see you. :-)

  10. Hi Sis,

    Make it twelve! You know I only joined MySpace so I could talk to you. ;) Now you're here and looking better than ever.

    As the others said, there are plenty of us who can provide aid if you need it. I'm no expert, but I fiddle with things until I get the desired result. That approach works pretty well around here.

    Welcome to the party. I can't wait to see what you do with a real blog!


  11. Bonniiiiiieeeeeeeeee! (big hugs)

  12. I think my previous post didn't take. I can't upload my photo from My Documents. The message says it's too large. Same thing happened trying to upload to Spank Finder profile. Any suggestions?

  13. Kelly -- I'm afraid I'd be the last one with the answers, since this site is so new to me and when something goes wrong, I have no idea how to fix it. I'm sorry! :-( Maybe the size of photos that can be uploaded into comments is limited.

  14. My Space needs to be careened into Outer Space!

  15. I'm liking your new digs, Erica!

    I was a quiet follower of yours on MySpace, but this format is so much more reader-friendly. And your updates will actually appear on my blogroll now! Yey!

  16. But why blog at all? I am curious about that? Is a blog just a giant witeboard? A whiteboard is a discussion room that we geeky types use to post an issue and others say yes they had the same issue and you should try doing this. Is that what a blog is? (Cause I dont want yet another account) LOL

  17. So happy you have this spiffy new blog. The photo looks great. Someone who writes such interesting stuff absolutely needs a comment-friendly space. :)


  18. John -- a blog is an online journal. People post about their lives, their hobbies, their friends and families, politics, whatever they feel like talking about. It's more personal than what you've described.

    I blog because I enjoy sharing who I am and my experiences, I love connecting with others in the spanking scene, and 'cause I love the attention! :-D

  19. Jessica -- thank you! Now if I could just figure out why a few of my readers' comments aren't showing up, I'd be a very happy woman.

  20. Well I'll be damned! Nice blog! I'm loving it!

  21. Thanks, girlfriend! :-) Yeah, it's about time, huh?

  22. Hello my Erica i love your new blog set up it's awesome :) OMG you look so beautiful in the pic you put up on here, it's one of my fave pics of you, i am happy that your bloging on here and i will still get to read your blogs i am very proud of you your so amazing lol and hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  23. this is my 3rd try,

    you have a great blog started.

    your picture is tastefull and fine.

    thanx for getting around the adult warnings.

    good luck and have fun,


  24. Yippee Kai Yowza, wotta great greeting pic!!

    Thanks for the e-mail, Erica, alerting me to your new cyber-home! The unwieldness of My Spazz is a common topic these days, hopefully this will will work better for you and your friends and fans!

    Now I'm gonna go study that photo some more.

    Might even make it my Desktop.


  25. Oh, and here's that Small "I" that missed the bus: i He is assigned the seat behind the "d" in "unwieldiness." (Rolling eyes) Vowels!

  26. Erica

    At last - a proper outlet for your talents - Mystig and Facedork are for children - this is for adults.

    I'd love doonstartwo to be included in your blog roll, please - I'll add you to mine anyway.

    Best wishes from across the pond - where we invented spanking in the first place!


  27. Jade -- I'm glad you like it, hon.

    Ddon -- thanks. I think I've discovered a glitch already -- for whatever reason, some comments don't show up. I'm sorry you had to try three times.

    Wolfieeeee! Ya made it! And don't get your vowels in an uproar.

    Darren -- of course I'll add you! :-) It would be my pleasure.

  28. I use this (see url link below) at the top of my blog.. guess I could say 'no' to that adult content thingy too??

  29. I still haven't figured out how to get notices when you or Craig have blogged.

    I do know that at the bottom of the blogs.. I can click on the link that has me subscribed to all comments that come in to this blog from that point forward!

  30. Zelle -- if you ever figure out how to get those notices, please do let us know!

    Regarding your "R-rated" photo -- ROFL!

  31. Well.. I sorta found a 'back door' to getting notices for when you blog. The bad part was.. it only allowed me to add ten email addresses that will get notified when I blog.

    Here is what I did.

    If you go to SETTINGS..

    And then click on Email & Mobile


    Under that you see "BlogSend Address"

    In the box, type the email addresses of ten people you want your blog sent to when you publish it. (there is a place to click that says something like 'click here for your contact list'.. so you don't have to KNOW someones email addy by memory.)

    I tried it.. and put you and Craig and a few others in there to test it. So .. I blogged on my page.. about your new blogspot. (grins).. and I'm thinking you should have been notified in your email that I did that.

    Let me know!

  32. Zelle, you're a peach! Thanks so much! I'm going to go try that now. And yes, I did get your email notification -- I loved what you wrote! :-)

  33. LOVE IT.. when a plan comes together!

  34. Hooray!! Well I'm delighted you're on blogger now, because it is probably the only reason I found you! :) Can't believe I've been missing out on your posts for FIVE years!

    Also, I'm totally curious about the R-rated warning pic vs. the warning page. I've got mine set with the warning page now, but I'd love to take it down so long as I don't jeopardize my blog. :) Can't wait to read more of your posts!

    I'm soooo adding you to my blogroll right now. Celine

  35. Hi Celine -- Welcome! :-)

    Well, I'm going to take my chances with the warning I posted, and hope for the best. I so detest that opening warning page!