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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hey, that looks familiar...

Every now and then when I'm wandering around the blogosphere, I'll get a pleasant jolt when I see one of my own photos. It's quite flattering and makes me smile. Occasionally, it makes me laugh out loud.

Today, I popped in to visit Craig's blog. He'd posted a while back about sending a text from his iPhone, clearly meant for a fellow spanko, to his colleague by accident. This time, he relayed another funny story relating to that same colleague and texts.

I read through the post, the comments, giggled, then scrolled back up and did a double-take. Check out the picture in the iPhone.

Don't go sending that to your colleague, Craig. ;-)


  1. Hello my Erica OMG i saw that pic on Craig's iphone and i knew it was you i know almost all of your video's :-) i said that's Erica's butt hehehe, that's from the Schoolmaster's Revenge, Keith Jone's is caning you in that pic, DAMN girl your popular if only i were so lucky hehehe,you are so AMAZING LOL and HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  2. Jade -- that's absolutely right; you're good! :-)

  3. Yup. Those are some mad Photoshop skillz, eh? I am channelling Zelle...

  4. Craig -- I was impressed, and laughing like hell!

  5. The comment you left on his blog is fantastic. "...the least you could do is buy me dinner first."

  6. Lorraine -- (laughing) Of course, he actually HAS bought me dinner before, several times, but I couldn't resist using that line anyway.

  7. Hey Erica,

    You've been Chrossed again! He posted early and I wanted to let you know in case you haven't found out yet. Congradulations! That is pretty cool to be Crossed three weeks in a row. Way to go girl. You rock!

  8. Bobbie Jo -- thanks! You know, it never gets old. It's just as exciting each time. :-)

  9. Erica, the photo would suggest, that you are 'on call', 24 hours a day. Or putting it in another way. You are in a 'Phoney' business. Don't mind me Erica, It's just my funny way my 'Yiddishe Koph', thinks. So 'cell'abrate, the publicity you certainly deserve.

  10. I have an iPhone....I sent a classmate a text asking to see her poor spelling and thick fingers caused the text to read, "can I see youre clitoris." It was funny later but utterly humiliating.


  11. Im not sure , somehow it looks a lil "plumper" in that pic ..........Laughs and ducks..... well , the camera does add 10 lbs I hear !



  12. Well, I thought that picture was from a scene Erica got some other place and not her because she doesn't do the bloomer thing. Still, it is funny.


    I imagine the butterflies are fluttering more and more as flight time comes closer and closer. :-) Have a great flight and much fun. I keep saying that "fun" part because I want you to have all the fun you can back there. I have a feeling you will have a great time.

  13. six -- it's all fairly ironic, considering I don't even like the phone. ;-)

    Rob -- oh, you didn't. Oh my God. Texting is dangerous, I tell you.

    Alan -- (sigh) Really? You had to go there?

    Bobbie Jo -- yes, the nerves are definitely active!

  14. OMG! I wondered who's pic Craig used.. and I had an inkling it was you from the outfit on the bared bottom in the pic.. having seen that flick! I was just not gonna pry.. LOL


    And Craig.. you done good Darlin'! Props to you!

  15. Zelle -- yup, that was my plump butt! :-D Damn, I SO miss Spanking Epics.